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The player in X4 exists similarly to the factions of X4 with a few central commonalities and distinctions. Like the other factions the player is capable of owning ships, stations and maintaining workforces and crew. Unlike the other factions, however, the player only has access to finite money where other factions have infinite money and has dynamic relations with most factions where the other factions' relations to each other is locked or only alterable by specific plots.

Player Ranks

RankText IDTradeText IDFight
21001Advanced Salesman2011Rookie
31011Petty Vendor2021Skilled
51031Advanced Trader2041Private
71051Advanced Dealer2061Lieutenant 2nd Grade
81061Merchant2071Lieutenant 1st Grade
91071Advanced Merchant2081Instructor
101081Professional Merchant2091Senior Instructor
121101Advanced Privateer2111Veteran Captain
131121Professional Privateer2121Marksman
151141Advanced Industrialist2141Commander
161151Professional Industrialist2151Lieutenant Colonel
181171Advanced Entrepreneur2171Commodore
191181Professional Entrepreneur2181Vice Admiral
211201Advanced Mogul2201Ace 3rd Grade
221211Professional Mogul2211Ace 2nd Grade
231221Magnate2221Ace 1st Grade
241231Shipping Magnate2231Combat Ace 3rd Grade
251241Advanced Magnate2241Combat Ace 2nd Grade
261251Professional Magnate2251Combat Ace 1st Grade
271261Ultimate Magnate2261Ace of Aces 3rd Grade
281271Tycoon2271Ace of Aces 2nd Grade
291281Shipping Tycoon2281Ace of Aces 1st Grade
301291Pan-Galactic Tycoon2291Supreme Veteran

*Achievement Rank

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