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The X-universe in X4: Foundations

The X-universe consists of 47 systems, with each system being constructed of up to 3 sectors (playable areas of space).

In total there are 59 sectors linked by Super Highways (between relatively-close sectors in a system), Orbital Accelerators (between very distant sectors in a system) or Jump Gates (between systems). You may also occasionally discover Anomalies, which provide 1-way routes to a position in another sector.

For further details about teh features that connect sectors, see the Piloting And Travel page of the Manual.

Map layout

The general map layout fixed in terms of how sectors connect to each other, and in the locations of major Faction stations. Beyond that, the locations of other stations is randomised in each new game start.

Sectors in X4: Foundations


Antigone Memorial

Antigone Republic

Atiya's Misfortune I


Atiya's Misfortune III


Argon Prime

Argon Federation

Black Hole Sun IV

Argon Federation

Black Hole Sun V

Argon Federation

Bright Promise


Cardinal's Redress

Company Regard 
Eighteen Billion 
Faulty Logic I 
Faulty Logic VII 
Grand Exchange ITeladi Company
Grand Exchange IITeladi Company
Grand Exchange IIITeladi Company
Hatikvah's Choice I 

Hatikvah's Choice III


Heretics End


Hewa's Twin I


Hewa's Twin II


Hewa's Twin III

Hewa's Twin IV 
Hewa's Twin V The Cove 

Holy Vision


Ianamus Zura IV


Ianamus Zura VII


Lasting Vengence


Matrix #9


Matrix #451


Matrix #798


Memory Of Profit IX


Memory Of Profit X


Morning Star III


Morning Star IV


Nopileos' Fortune I


Nopileos' Fortune II


Path To Profit

Teladi Company

Pious Mists II


Pious Mists IV


Pious Mists XI


Pontifex's Clain


Profit Center Alpha


Sacred Relic


Scale Plate Green I


Scale Plate Green VII


Second Contact II Flashpoint

Antigone Republic

Second Contact VII


Second Contact XI


Silent Witness I


Silent Witness XI


Silent Witness XII


Tharka's Cascade XV


Tharka's Cascade XVII


The Reach


The Void

Antigone Republic

Trinity Sanctum III


Trinity Sanctum VII


True Sight

Holy Order of the Pontifex

Unholy Retribution