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Production modules manufacture wares. With the exception of Energy Cells Production all production modules require other resource wares to produce their product. Some production modules have faction specific variants which require alternative resources to operate.

NameHullTurret HardpointsShield HardpointsData Leak/Audio Signal HardpointsLockbox HardpointsMax Employee NumberEfficiency Bonus Per Employee (%)Products Per Hour (100% Efficiency)Resources Consumed Per HourProduction Cycle (s)Average Profit (Min-Max)Construction Costs (Surface Elements Not Included)Construction Time (s)Average Capital Cost Recovery Time (hours) (Min-Max)
Ware 1Ware 2Ware 3Ware 4Ware 5Claytronics Energy CellsHull Parts
Advanced Composite Production196,73412 (M)6 (M)422100.2Advanced Composites (720)Energy Cells (600)Graphene (960)Refined Metals (960)--300 



Advanced Composite Production (Teladi)196,73412 (M)6 (M)422100.2Advanced Composites (720)Energy Cells (600)Graphene (960)Teladianium (696)--300 6281,2412,3001,329 
Advanced Electronics Production159,00612 (M)6 (M)123600.22Advanced Electronics (300)Energy Cells (300)Microchips (220)Quantum Tubes (100)--720 4829651,7671,281 
Antimatter Cell Production      0.21Antimatter Cells (3,300)Energy Cells (3,000)Hydrogen (9,600)---120      
Antimatter Converter Production      0.23Antimatter Converters (1800)Advanced Composites (240)Energy Cells (960)Microchips (360)--300      
Claytronics Production      0.2Claytronics (480)Energy Cells (560)Antimatter Cells (400)Quantum Tubes (400)Microchips (640)-900      
Drone Component Production      0.25Drone Components (360)Energy Cells (180)Engine Parts (60)Hull Parts (60)Microchips (60)Scanning Arrays (120)1,200      
Energy Cell Production      0.25Energy Cells (12000)-----60      
Engine Part Production                    
Engine Part Production (Teladi)                    
Field Coil Production                    
Food Ration Production       Food Rations (4920)Energy Cells (600)Meat (600)Spices (300)Wheat (600)        
Graphene Production       Graphene (1650)Energy Cells (1200)Methane (4800)          
Hull Part Production                    
Hull Part Production (Teladi)                    
Maja Dust Production                    
Maja Snail Production                    
Meat Production       Meat (1760)Energy Cells (320)Water (800)          
Medical Supply Production (Argon)       Medical Supplies (1440)Energy Cells (480)Water (720)Spices (360)Wheat (264)        
Medical Supply Production (Paranid)                    
Medical Supply Production (Teladi)                    
Microchip Production       Microchips (480)Energy Cells (300)Silicon Wafers (1200)          
Missile Component Production                    
Nostrop Oil Production                    
Plasma Conductor Production                    
Quantum Tube Production       Quantum Tubes            
Refined Metal Production                    
Scanning Array Production                    
Scanning Array Production (Teladi)                    
Shield Component Production                    
Silicon Wafer Production                    
Smart Chip Production                    
Soja Bean Production                    
Soja Husk Production                    
Spacefuel Production                    
Spaceweed Production                    
Spice Production                    
Sunrise Flower Production                    
Superfluid Coolant Production                    
Swamp Plant Production                    
Teladianium Production                    
Turret Component Production                    
Water Production                    
Weapon Component Production                    
Wheat Production