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Production modules manufacture wares. With the exception of Energy Cells Production all production modules require other resource wares to produce their product. Some production modules have faction specific variants which require alternative resources to operate.

NameHullTurret HardpointsShield HardpointsData Leak/Audio Signal HardpointsLockbox HardpointsMax Employee NumberEfficiency Bonus Per Employee (%)Products Per Hour (100% Efficiency)Resources Consumed Per HourProduction Cycle (s)Average Profit (Min-Max)Construction Costs (Surface Elements Not Included)Construction Time (s)Average Capital Cost Recovery Time (hours) (Min-Max)
Ware 1Ware 2Ware 3Ware 4Ware 5Claytronics Energy CellsHull Parts
Advanced Composite Production196,73412 (M)6 (M)422100.2Advanced Composites (720)Energy Cells (600)Graphene (960)Refined Metals (960)--300 



Advanced Composite Production (Teladi)196,73412 (M)6 (M)422100.2Advanced Composites (720)Energy Cells (600)Graphene (960)Teladianium (696)--300 6281,2412,3001,329 
Advanced Electronics Production159,00612 (M)6 (M)123600.22Advanced Electronics (300)Energy Cells (300)Microchips (220)Quantum Tubes (100)--720 4829651,7671,281 
Antimatter Cell Production251,000    1200.21Antimatter Cells (3,300)Energy Cells (3,000)Hydrogen (9,600)---120 69138253913 
Antimatter Converter Production216,000    7200.23Antimatter Converters (1,800)Advanced Composites (240)Energy Cells (960)Microchips (360)--300 1,7803,5606,5161,528 
Claytronics Production195,000    8100.2Claytronics (480)Energy Cells (560)Antimatter Cells (400)Quantum Tubes (400)Microchips (640)-900 2,8225,64210,327615 
Drone Component Production174,000    4500.25Drone Components (360)Energy Cells (180)Engine Parts (60)Hull Parts (60)Microchips (60)Scanning Arrays (120)1,200 1,2252,4494,4831,457 
Energy Cell Production217,000    600.25Energy Cells (12,000)-----60 2605209511,164 
Energy Cell Production (Xenon)217,000    600.25Energy Cells (12,000)-----60 963 (Ore)562963 (Silicon)582 
Engine Part Production120,000    1500.27Engine Parts (120)Antimatter Cells (320)Energy Cells (240)Refined Metals (384)--900 3897791,4261,240 
Engine Part Production (Teladi) 120,000    1500.27Engine Parts (480)Antimatter Cells (320)Energy Cells (240)Teladianium (280)--900 3947781,4431,241 
Field Coil Production149,000    5400.25Field Coils (1,200)Energy Cells (360)Plasma Conductors (240)Quantum Tubes (258)--600 1,7353,4706,3511,523 
Food Ration Production133,000    900.25Food Rations (4,920)Energy Cells (600)Meat (600)Spices (300)Wheat (600)-240 2625259611,166 
Graphene Production190,000    1200.27Graphene (1,650)Energy Cells (1,200)Methane (4,800)---240 2857104743 
Hull Part Production146,000    1800.22Hull Parts (880)Energy Cells (320)Graphene (160)Refined Metals (1,120)--900 6141,2292,2491,327 
Hull Part Production (Teladi)146,000    1800.22Hull Parts (880)Energy Cells (320)Graphene (160)Teladianium (816)--900 6141,2132,2491,325 
Maja Dust Production245,000    1230.4Maja Dust (480)Energy Cells (240)Maja Snails (720)Spices (360)--600 3737461,3661,232 
Maja Snail Production236,000    780.33Maja Snails (1,392)Energy Cells (320)Water (800)---450 2484979101,155 
Meat Production198,000    750.33Meat (1,760)Energy Cells (320)Water (800)---450 2484979101,155 
Medical Supply Production (Argon)197,000    900.28Medical Supplies (1,440)Energy Cells (480)Water (720)Spices (360)Wheat (264)-300 2254508231,137 
Medical Supply Production (Paranid)197,000    900.28Medical Supplies (1,440)Energy Cells (480)Water (720)Spices (360)Soja Beans (120)-300 2264518271,138 
Medical Supply Production (Teladi)197,000    900.28Medical Supplies (1,440)Energy Cells (480)Water (720)Spices (360)Sunrise Flowers (96)-300 2244488221,325 
Microchip Production199,000    3000.22Microchips (480)Energy Cells (300)Silicon Wafers (1,200)---600 7581,5162,7741,367 
Missile Component Production159,000    150.3Missile Components (1,320)Advanced Composites (8)Energy Cells (80)Hull Parts (8)--900 3571131786 
Nostrop Oil Production276,000    1200.2Nostrop Oil (3840)Energy Cells (480)Spices (140)Sunrise Flowers (480)Water (480)-300 2895791,0631,184 
Plasma Conductor Production      0.25Plasma Conductors (200) Energy Cells (240)Graphene (384)Superfluid Coolant (560)--900 4739461,7321,277 
Quantum Tube Production      0.3Quantum Tubes (550)Energy Cells (200)Graphene (580)Superfluid Coolant (150)--720 3807611,3941,236 
Refined Metal Production      0.25Refined Metals (2,400)Energy Cells (2,160)Ore (5,760)---150 3673135791 
Scanning Array Production      0.24Scanning Arrays (240)Energy Cells (360)Refined Metals (600)Silicon Wafers (360)--600 6291,2592,3051,331 
Scanning Array Production (Teladi)      0.24Scanning Arrays (240)Energy Cells (360)Teladianium (438)Silicon Wafers (360)--600 6371,2592,3331,332 
Shield Component Production      0.25Shield Components (660)Energy Cells (210)Plasma Conductors (60)Quantum Tubes (60)--1,200 4328651,5831,260 
Silicon Wafer Production      0.22Silicon Wafers (2,400)Energy Cells (1,800)Silicon (4,800)---180 74149273927 
Smart Chip Production      0.22Smart Chips (480)Energy Cells (300)Silicon Wafers (120)---600 1262534641,027 
Soja Bean Production      0.28Soja Beans (1,440)Energy Cells (360)Water (960)---300 2965921,0841,189 
Soja Husk Production      0.22Soja Husks (3,840)Energy Cells (480)Maja Snails (480)Soja Beans (480)Spices (240)-300 3166631,1591,201 
Spacefuel Production      0.38Space Fuel (900)Energy Cells (300)Water (750)Wheat (600)--480 3196381,1681,203 
Spaceweed Production      0.38Space Weed (1,350)Energy Cells (840)Spices (240)Swamp Plant (720)--600 6391,2772,3361,334 
Spice Production      0.4Spices (2,880)Energy Cells (240)Water (480)---600 1392785101,046 
Sunrise Flower Production      0.28Sunrise Flowers (1,200)Energy Cells (360)Water (960)---300 2965921,0871,189 
Superfluid Coolant Production      0.28Superfluid Coolant (1,650)Energy Cells (900)Helium (4,800)---240 255194722 
Swamp Plant Production      0.33Swamp Plants (960)Energy Cells (320)Water (800)---450 6391,2772,3381,334 
Teladianium Production      0.25Teladianium (2,400)Energy Cells (1,350)Ore (8,400)---120 50101185853 
Turret Component Production      0.3Turret Components (400)Energy Cells (120)Microchips (40)Quantum Tubes (40)Scanning Arrays (20)-1,800 4759511,7411,278 
Water Production      0.25Water (6,600)Energy Cells (1,800)Ice (9,600)---120 3672132790 
Weapon Component Production      0.3Weapon Components (400)Energy Cells (120)Hull Parts (40)Plasma Conductors (60)--1,800 3967931,4521,244 
Wheat Production      0.28Wheat (3,240)Energy Cells (360)Water (960)---300 2965921,0841,189