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Weapons are used by the primary and secondary weapon systems of ships to launch beams, missiles and projectiles at other ships during combat to deal damage. The equipment slots for weapons are always in the same orientation as the cockpit of the ship. Compared to Turrets the angle of rotation of weapons is limited to an arc in front of the ship however they have a greater damage output at the cost of poorer heat management. Weapons assigned to the primary weapons system will try to automatically follow the selected target while those assigned to the secondary weapons system will try to follow the cursor. Torpedo Launchers can only be mounted on weapon slots.

What ships can equip weapons is determined by their role and size class.

Stats of All Available Weapons

The data of this table is extracted from the Encyclopedia in the version 2.20.

It seems that weapon performance is not affected by whoever built them, e.g., an Argon-built S Bolt Repeater will have the same stats as the Paranid-built and the Teladi-built one.

 NameMkRacexBurst (MW)Sustained (MW)Damage (MW)Max Heat Gain (MW)Eff. Range (km)Bullet Speed (km/s)Fire Rate (/s)
SBeam EmitterMk1G125122125254N/AN/A
SBeam EmitterMk2G180176180304N/AN/A
SBolt RepeaterMk1G64616499541
SBolt RepeaterMk2G84798411444.21
SIon BlasterMk1A70059175 (700)30032.25
SIon BlasterMk2A105092275 (1050)225425
SMining DrillMk1G11103N/AN/A
SMining DrillMk2G33303N/AN/A
SPlasma CannonMk1G437247437125052


SPlasma CannonMk2G6003336001300521
SPulse LaserMk1G8280823636.51.5
SPulse LaserMk2G101991012436.51.35
SShard BatteryMk1G40028740080331
SShard BatteryMk2G750473750118341.25
 NameMkRaceBurst (MW)Sustained (MW)Damage (MW)Max Heat Gain (MW)Eff. Range (km)Bullet Speed (km/s)Fire Rate (/s)
MBeam EmitterMk1G       
MBeam EmitterMk2G       
MBolt RepeaterMk1        
MBolt RepeaterMk2        
MIon BlasterMk1        
MIon BlasterMk2        
MMining DrillMk1        
MMining DrillMk2        
MPlasma CannonMk1        
MPlasma CannonMk2        
MPulse LaserMk1        
MPulse LaserMk2        
MShard BatteryMk1        
MShard BatteryMk2        
 NameMkRaceBurst (MW)Sustained (MW)Damage (MW)Max Heat Gain (MW)Eff. Range (km)Bullet Speed (km/s)Fire Rate (/s)
LBehemoth Main Battery---A       
LPhoenix Main Battery---T       
LOdysseus Main Battery---P       
  1. Some weapons are only offered at shipbuilders of certain races:
    • G: General (all shipbuilders)
    • A: Argon shipbuilders only
    • P: Paranid shipbuilders only
    • T: Teladi shipbuilders only