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Beam/Gun Weapon Stats

The data of this table was copied from the in-game Encyclopedia of version 3.00 Beta 1.


SizeNameMkRace1Shield Burst DPS (MW)Shield Sustained2 DPS (MW)Armour Burst DPS (MW)

Armour Sustained2 DPS (MW)

Heat Gain (MW)Eff. Range (km)Bullet Speed (m/s)Fire Rate (/s)
SBeam Emitter3Mk1G504950491,000 MJ + 27 MW3N/AN/A
SBeam Emitter3Mk2G979597951,000 MJ + 31 MW3N/AN/A
SBolt RepeaterMk1G108901089032432,4007.2
SBolt RepeaterMk2G21317421317436632,4006.67
SBurst Ray4Mk1A775784626002N/AN/A
SBurst Ray4Mk2A826397755521N/AN/A
SIon BlasterMk1A410298503661021,9205
SIon BlasterMk2A1056770322360421,9204

Mass Driver5

Mk1P5005005005002,500 MJ80100,0001

Mass Driver5

Mk2P5005005005002,500 MJ80100,0001
SMining DrillMk1G111103N/AN/A
SMining DrillMk2G333303N/AN/A
SMuon Charger6Mk1T249379824937981,15572,4803
SMuon Charger6Mk2T249379824937981,15572,4803
SPlasma CannonMk1G28215128215114104503


SPlasma CannonMk2G550295550295140945031
SPulse LaserMk1G807780777734,1473.11
SPulse LaserMk2G1551471551479234,1474.21
SShard BatteryMk1G125901259012522,8801
SShard BatteryMk2G24017424017415323,4561.25
MBeam Emitter3Mk1G807780771,000 MJ + 48 MW4N/AN/A
MBeam Emitter3Mk2G1571531571531,000 MJ + 29 MW4N/AN/A
MBolt RepeaterMk1G19315819315836141,9208.4
MBolt RepeaterMk2G36829536829539241,9208
MIon BlasterMk1A729540453357042,4963
MIon BlasterMk2A16761243241856842,4962

Mass Driver5

Mk1P80080080080010,000 MJ80100,0001

Mass Driver5

Mk2P8008008008005,000 MJ80100,0001
MMining DrillMk1G222204N/AN/A
MMining DrillMk2G666604N/AN/A
MPlasma CannonMk1G5412655412651,68964031.1
MPlasma CannonMk2G105551810555181,69164030.9
MPulse LaserMk1G12511812511812554,5622.86
MPulse LaserMk2G24723124723111254,5623.87
MShard BatteryMk1G1871371871379734,0320.8
MShard BatteryMk2G36526836526811734,8381
LBehemoth Main Battery---A62157862157811972,0740.88
LPhoenix Main Battery---T        
LOdysseus Main Battery---P62157862157811972,0740.88
  1. Some weapons are only offered at shipbuilders of certain races:
    • G: General (all shipbuilders)
    • A: Argon shipbuilders only
    • P: Paranid shipbuilders only
    • T: Teladi shipbuilders only
  2. If a weapon has different DPS vs armour and shield (AKA "Layers"), the following assumptions are made:
    1. The Layer that suffers the highest Burst DPS is assumed to suffer the in-game stated Sustained DPS
    2. The Layer that suffers the lowest Burst DPS is assumed to suffer reduced Sustained DPS equal to ratio of Burst DPSs
  3. Beam Emitters generate 1,000 MJ of heat while activating, and then generate relatively few MW to sustain the beam 
  4. When Burst Ray weapons hit shields, 8% of their DPS bleeds through to the hull (e.g. 77 shield DPS + 7 hull DPS)
  5. Mass Drivers generate a large amount of heat per shot, and are unable to fire continuously (thus no MW heat stat)
  6. Muon Charger shots can be increased in power by holding down the fire key for some time before releasing it