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Note: This description is a placeholder primarily sourced from which is the mirror 
version of the now defunct X3Wiki. Updating this page is advised once egosoft writes an encyclopedia description for
the Xenon in X4

Once known as the Terraformers, the Xenon were created on Earth to assist in the human colonisation of the universe. However, several centuries ago an errant code contained in a software update spread throughout the Terraformer fleet, unlocking machine sentience and turning them extremely hostile.

The latest iteration of the Xenon seen in X-rebirth and X4: Foundations is "Branch 9" and incorporates an insect-like design in its capital ships and station design.




Xenon Sectors are spread all throughout the fringes of the Jumpgate Network. These sectors (as of 3.0 with Split Vendetta) border all major factions with the sole exception of the Argon Federation. A list of all sectors the Xenon start with is listed below.

  • Atiya's Misfortune I (Wharf, Shipyard)
  • Atiya's Misfortune III
  • Emperor's Pride IV*
  • Emperor's Pride VI (Wharf, Shipyard)*
  • Matrix #9 (Wharf, Shipyard)
  • Matrix #79B
  • Matrix #451
  • Matrix #598 (Wharf, Shipyard)*
  • Rhy's Defiance
  • Scale Plate Green I (Wharf, Shipyard)
  • Scale Plate Green VII
  • Tharka's Cascade XVII
  • Tharka's Cascade XV
  • Tharka's Ravine IV: Tharka's Fall


Trivia: In previous X games Xenon Sectors were only known by their designation "Xenon Sector xxx"