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Note: This description is a placeholder sourced from which is the mirror 
version of the now defunct X3Wiki. Updating this page is advised once egosoft writes an encyclopedia description for
the Kha'ak in X4

The Kha'ak are an aggressive race who are determined to annihilate all life in the X-Universe. Insectoid in origin, very little is known about them excepting their widespread dependence on Nividium.




The Kha'ak do not have ownership of any sectors, however, they do maintain indestructible "Kha'ak installations" in the most remote areas of the galaxy. The sectors in which these stations reside is listed below:

  • Matrix #451
  • Pious Mists IV
  • Silent Witness XII


The Kha'ak operate a variety of purple tetrahedral fighters with purple beam weapons. These fighters can hold their own against most fighters and scouts but are no match for M/L/XL ships. Additionally, like Xenon ships Kha'ak ships cannot be captured.