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Governing Faction: Xenon

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From: Emperor's Pride

Once, this system was known as a shining example of the Split civilisation's determination and wealth. It used to be the most remote frontier of Emperor Thuruk's domain. Despite its considerable distance from the rest of the Split systems, the Split colonising this space were able to build up a truly special and impressively wealthy community, in which they shared their riches freely. They made Emperor's Pride's lush, green planet their home. Perhaps it was the great distance to Thuruk's Empire that made them grow peaceful and complacent. Eventually they made an effort to keep out of the other families' petty conflicts.

Their dropped guard, and distance to the greater Split realm, would ultimately be their undoing, when Paranid hard-line religious fanatics invaded the system in pursuit of its abundant resources. They drove out or killed all of the Split colonists. But, as is so often the case, these invaders, too, were not meant to last. Shortly before the Gate Shutdown, they were unexpectedly besieged by Xenon forces, and when the Godrealm of the Paranid was finally able to re-establish a connection, the scouts found the system devoid of their brethren.

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The least resilient sector of the system, Emperor's Pride IV's absence of ship production and mineral resource make it a relatively easy sector to take by the Paranid. Emperor's Pride VI is a different case altogether.

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