Home of Light is the "home system" of the once-influential Terracorp, now alone and separated by the realignment of gates. Its economy is based on Food Rations. Currently it is controlled by the Terracorp, with its economy assisted by Toride Colonists, and harrased by the Atlas Pirates. Before the gates shut down, Argon Prime could be accessed by one of the Jump Gates in Home of Light.

Connection to Other Systems

To: Cold Star at: District 01, West Gate

To: Toride at: District 08: Sillarne's Triumph

Factions and Economy


One of the great Argon corporations before the Gates shut down, Terracorp, just like the PMC, survived the economy backlash and gained control of the entire system, ensuring the continued survival of the Argon population. Somehow, it has managed to complete several feats. First, its influence is so high in Home of Light that the long-gone Argon Federation is not quite mentioned. Second, most things in Home of Light are managed by Terracorp, except a few such as mining of minerals.

Terracorp became the de-facto authority in Home of Light, just like what PMC has done. As such, some people criticized Terracorp for dominating the economy, restricting free trade.

Reminder: Try not to piss off Terracorp; you would lose an entire star system of trade opportunities.

Toride Colonists

One of the rogue Terran Empire populations, they left the Sol system at the very end of the Terran Conflict to find a hew stable home among the stars in the Galaxy. However, they unfortunately got tailed by Xenon forces, and through many difficult maneuvers, they arrived at Toride, alone and defenseless. Just then, one of the gates in Toride reopened and connected them with Terracorp. Soon enough, Terracorp agreed to provide protection to the fleeing Toride colonists, and they abandoned the civilian stations in Toride. In return, Toride colonists are tasked to assist with Terracorp's mining projects.

Atlas Pirates

The Atlas Pirates are kind of "ancient" in the XR perspective, since they were already struggling to survive before the Gate Shutdown. Stuck in an extremely hostile environment and not able to escape when the Gates shutdown, they have recently assumed control of abandoned Toride Colonist stations at the outskirts of the Toride system to entrench themselves and increase their ability to organize by establishing themselves a command center.


Yeah, they are everywhere!




Discovery and Early History

Not much is known about Home of Light's founding since it is one of the "elder" systems in the X-Universe, featured since X: Beyond the Frontier. It can be assumed that Terracorp "discovered" Home of Light and set up their business there.

Prior to the Gate Shutdown

After the Gate Shutdown

Like PMC, Terracorp assumed control of the system. However, it is not mentioned whether any kinds of government have been set up.

The Gate-Reopening

When the gate connecting Toride opened, they accepted the fleeing Toride Colonists and became a "multi-cultural" faction, just to speak. And after gaining access to Cold Star, they allowed the Colonists to take refuge in Cold Star.

Special Landmarks

The following landmarks can be found in Home of Light: