I work in a company where thousands of people use this wikis software (Confluence) to work together and share findings etc. With this page and its subpages I want to show how a community built database, based on confluence, could work (in my optinion). I am no expert but have used confluence for about a year now.

Greetings from a die hard fan,

Stefan H.

How it (could) work


In order to make it easy for people to create a new database entry (create a page for an object) we would needt a template page to be set up by the admins. Once you have a template you can create a button which automatically creates a page with the page properties tables already there and all a user has to do is fill it in. Heres an expample of such a button which creates a new page which is already populated, as it uses a template set by the admins (in this example a template called troubleshooting): Sparks DrSuperEvil Ironbuket Snafu Ivan Solntsev

Usually one can set the path where this new page is created and also automatically give it a label. I assume I cant do that because I am a user without an account. BUT i am sure the admins could do this ( I know I can at the place I work at).