At the heart of X4: Foundations are the ships which can be flown and fought. Ships fulfil a large range of roles in the economy such as trading, mining and building stations or can have purely combat orientated designs. Ships are classified based on their size and role in a manner similar to X Rebirth and unlike the class system of X3.

Ship Sizes

XS - Extra Small ships

Drones, deployables, mass traffic vessels and the space suit. With the exception of the space suit these craft are NPC and cannot be flown while only specific ones can be owned

S - Small ships (Military/Civilian)

Couriers, fighters, interceptors, miners and scouts. Cheap and fast but lightly shielded and with limited room for freight. Used for overtaking the competition and swarming enemies.

M - Medium ships

Corvettes, frigates, miners, transporters and bombers. Medium price general purpose ships. 

L - Large ships

Destroyers, freighters and miners.  Large, slow and heavily shielded ships with considerable firepower and space for wares.

XL - Extra Large ships

Builders, Carriers and Resuppliers. Huge ships with specialised niche roles.

All X4 Ships

Consolidated sortable list of all known x4 ships