Short Name: HAT

Moniker(s): The League

Race Description

The descendents of Terran colonists stranded from Earth centuries ago, the Argon became their own thriving civilisation covering a great many systems and forging relations with several alien races. Throughout their short history the Argon Federation has been plagued by war, notably with the Xenon. Their greatest challenge however came from the unlikely source of the reconnected Terrans of Earth where they were plunged into the costly Terran Conflict.

Faction Description

The Hatikvah Free League split from the Argon Federation over frictions involving policymaking, especially those pertaining to the deregulation of trade and a peaceful, egalitarian coexistence of all races. After some political back-and-forth, they were officially recognised by the Argon Federation, but because they were perceived as naive by some elements of the Federation's government, the Hatikvah Free League was kept somewhat at arm's length. As a result of their inherent openness and their penchant for dealing in extra-legal wares, they soon attracted criminals and disenfranchised people seeking safe haven. When the Jump Gates shut down and their situation grew more desperate, the organisation shifted even further towards piracy, and began working with the Scale Plate Pact.

More recently, the Hatikvah Free League has shown a desire to re-align themselves more closely with the Argon Federation, and shift their focus towards more legitimate business in an attempt to rebuild and mend relations.





The Hatikvah Free League only starts with one sector, Hatikvah's Choice I, which borders Argon Federation territory on three sides and the Xenon. The only station of note built by the League in Hatikvah's choice is the Hatikvah Free League's Argon Trading station which also doubles as their faction headquarters. The Hatikvah Free league also maintains Free-ports and illicit goods factories outside of their territory in unclaimed sectors like Silent Witness XI, Silent Witness XII, Heretics End and Nopileos Fortune IV.


The Hatikvah Free league does not have any shipyard or wharf facilities and consequently they purchase their ships from the Argon Federation and hire friendly Construction vessels to build their stations. Furthermore, the League only maintains trading and mining vessels and is reliant on the Argon Federation for policing and protection from the Xenon. Interestingly despite not fielding the ships themselves the faction representative sells the Minotaur Raider blueprints.


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