This page explains how to translate wiki pages (including the X4 manual) from English to other languages.

The X4 manual is located here.

Selecting a chapter/page for translation

  1. Click on the chapter/page that you want to translate in the tree structure to the left.

  2. In the upper right corner, select the language you want to translate into.

  3. Click the "Translate"-button at the upper right side of the page.

  4. The screen will now switch to split window mode. The left-hand pane contains the original language (English) while the right-hand pane is for the language you want to translate into. If no translation has yet been done, the right-hand pane will be empty. It is in the right-hand pane that you, as a translator, will add the text for the new language. The picture below shows an example where a translation is already (partially) present.

How to add a Table of Contents

Writing text / changing headings

Working with tables

Adding an image

Translating the chapter name

Saving the page