With a ship in hand the player is free to explore the universe and make a name for themselves. Ships can accelerate, brake turn, tilt and strafe with the speeds based on the type of ship and equipment used. When viewed from the cockpit the ship vitals, weapon systems and targeting markers can be seen.

Ship IDs

Ships have unique IDs displayed on their hulls and within menus. The generation of IDs is completely random.

The Playership HUD

Example HUD view:

Ship status

Below the central reticle, three curved bars are located:

Warning and SETA icons

In the centre of the HUD icons may appear for the following (see diagram below):

Situational awareness

Three monitors provide info along the bottom of the screen:

Weapon controls

Weapon groups

To the right and left of the central reticle are the primary and secondary weapon groups, respectively (setup via the Ship interactions menu located via the chevron icon in the top-centre of the screen).

Long Range Scanning

Ship Modes

The player ship can activate four different modes to aid in exploration and espionage. Modes can be activated/stopped directly via the hotkey or the Ship Interactions Menu. Other player owned ships and NPC ships will automatically activate Travel Mode when traveling long distances.

Types Of Ship

There are currently over 60 different types of ship in X4: Foundations and with the exception of drones and Xenon ships all can be flown by the player. Ships are classed into four size categories determining where and how many can dock at a docking module or ship hanger. Ships are also classified into specific roles determining the weapon and software options available.

Ship Repairs

Ship hulls, and surface elements on Large and Extra Large Ships, can become damaged and need repairs. 

Methods of repair:

  1. Manually, slowly with the Spacesuit Repair Laser
  2. Quickly at a Wharf, Shipyard or Equipment Dock in exchange for credits
  3. Automatically (Medium, Large and Extra Large only):