In Farnham's Legacy, you can now add hyperlinks to various places like menus, description pages, incoming messages, mission breifings, etc.
The hyperlinks will appear similar to links in on a web page that you can click on with your mouse (or select with keyboard/joystick/controller) to take you to other menus. This is primary uses to open help pages within the encyclopaedia, but can open most menus.

There are 2 ways to add hyperlinks, the first so to manually add a hyperlink in your text's. This works similar to the select values in incoming questions.

This is my [hyperlink value='hyperlink_value']Hyperlink[/hyperlink]

This will make the word "Hyperlink" a link you can select, this will be displayed in a different colour with an underline so its clearly visible.

The value is a certain code that tells the game what menu you wish to open.

If you add hyperlinks into your own custom event menus, this value can be anything you want, and your event script will receive the "hyperlink" event with that as its value.
To add hyperlinks to custom menus, you need to add the text to a text file with the hyperlink formatting added, and then use the hyperlinked info command

add custom menu hyperlinked info: menu=<menuarray>, page id=<int>, text id=<int>

This will add an info display to your menu, the same as the add info line command, except it will also read the formatting tags (including hyperlinks) and format the display correctly. Long texts will be split across multiple lines.

The second method of adding hyperlinks is the automatic hyperlink control. To use this you have to use script commands to register your hyperlinks. And everywhere that can display hyperlinks will replace the text with a hyperlinked version.

register message automatic hyperlink, page=<int>, id=<int>, link=<string>
unregister message automatic hyperlink, page=<int>, id=<int>

The page/id is for the text to be replaced. Any text matching this will be replaced with a hyperlinked version. The link is the value string used to link to the correct menu.

Hyperlink Values

You can use a number of predefined values to open the various menus, otherwise any value can be used if its to be used in your own custom menus.