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X³: Terran Conflict

Where and how do I start the several plots of X3: TC?

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Author Details
By: X2-Illuminatus
Edited: 13/10/10 15:07

Before reading this entry you should be aware of possible spoilers!

The minimum requirements and start sectors for the various plots are as follows:

Main plots
  • Terran plot (Terran Conflict)

    • Omicron Lyrae (or your starting sector if you're Terran)

    • Argon rank 1 (Federation Member)

    • Terran rank 0 (Citizen)

  • Kha'ak plot (Operation Final Fury)

    • Omicron Lyrae

    • Fight 333 (~Veteran 42%), or Argon Patriot start

    • Argon notoriety 10 (Federation Member 0%)

    • Split notoriety -10 (Creature 0%)

  • Hub plot (The HUB)

    • Boron sectors

    • Boron rank 8 (King's Knight)

    • Trade rank 6 (Apprentice Trader)

  • HQ plot (Bala Gi's Legacy)

    • anywhere

    • 6 hours after The HUB is completed

  • Goner plot (Building the New Goner Temple)

    • Elysium of Light.

  • 2.0/Aldrin Expansion (Terran Resource Evaluation Commission missions)

    • anywhere

    • Terran Plot completed

    • Goner Plot completed

    • Kha'ak Plot completed

    • HUB Gate Set 1 Unlocked (ore delivered), or HQ Plot started

  • Treasure Hunt

    • Argon and Boron sectors

    • 92 sectors visited

    • 10 minutes after patch

  • A New Home

    • Minimum 2 and maximum 6 sectors away from Danna's Chance

    • Terran Plot completed

    • Goner Plot completed

  • Balance of Power

    • anywhere

    • Aldrin Expansion completed

Note: None of the main plots except Treasure Hunt are available if you choose Custom start, and the Terran plot is not available if you choose the Aldran Adventurer start.

Corporation plots
  • Terracorp

    • Home of Light

  • OTAS

    • Legends Home

  • Jonferco

    • Belt of Aguilar

  • Plutarch

    • Ore Belt

  • NMMC

    • PTNI HQ

  • Duke's Bucaneers

    • Unknown 10.16 (south of Heaven's Assertion)

  • Atreus Shipbuilding

    • Queen's Harbour

  • Strong Arms

    • Thynn's Excavation

  • Tormented Teladi

    • your starting sector

  • Poisoned Paranid

    • your starting sector

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