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How do I use the galaxy map?

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By: Carlo the Curious
Edited: 01/08/10 04:39

You can use the galaxy/universe map to find your way around the various sectors in the X-Universe.

Press the comma key (,) to bring up the galaxy map, centered on your current sector. Alternatively, if you highlight an entry in the property list and press comma, the galaxy map will be shown centered on the sector for that ship or station. The galaxy map will also be shown automatically when you execute certain commands (e.g. jump commands).

The galaxy map is divided into two sections. In the left panel is a view of all the sectors you have discovered so far, along with the gate routes which link them. The active sector on the map is highlighted with a blinking outline.

In the right panel some information about the active sector is shown:
  • Race - the race that owns the sector.

  • Security Level - 'Core' or 'Border'. This is mainly of interest if your notoriety with the race in question is borderline - you may be able to dock in Border sectors, but not in Core sectors.

  • Pop. - The population of the sector.

  • Planets - The number of planets.

  • Suns - The amount of sunlight in the sector, shown as a percentage. Higher percentages mean solar power plants will produce energy cells faster.

  • Gate distance - The default sector map size.

  • Energy Cells - (only shown when executing a jump command) The cost in energy cells to jump to the sector.

  • Available - (only shown when executing a jump command) The number of energy cells in the ship's cargo hold.

  • Description - Lore description.

To zoom in or out on the map use the Home and End keys, or left click the magnifying glass icons on the top right of the left panel.

You can change active sectors on the galaxy map in several ways:
  • Left-click the mouse on a sector.

  • Use the cursor keys to move the selection from sector to sector.

  • Type the first letter of a sector name. Repeat typing the first letter to cycle through all sectors with a name beginning with that letter.

To access the sector map for the active sector, simply press Enter, or double left-click the sector.

To close the galaxy map, press Esc or Delete, or click the X icon on the top right.

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