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Where can I sell Nividium?

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By: Le Baron
Edited: 04/08/10 18:18

If you have found and prospected some Nividium (for more information please see this article), the next step is to make some money from selling it.

In general the player has the following options:
  • Direct Sales at buyer's station: For example, NMMC Headquarters buys Nividium. However, the number of stations buying Nividium is very limited and they only buy a maximum of 2 units at once, which is not really much quantity and profit.

  • Direct Sales from your Trading Station: You can also offer the Nividium at your own stations at a price which attracts traders. This is possible at the following stations:
    • The HUB
    • Trading Stations and Equipment Docks
    • Player Headquarters

    The best choices would be the HUB (which can store 38 units at once) or the PHQ (which is only limited by the amount of other products and the maximum capacity of 500,000). As with NPC docks, your own Trading stations and Equipment Docks can store only 2 Nividium.

  • "Distress Sale" at a shipyard: When you sell a ship at a shipyard the installed equipment and freight will also be reimbursed, at 50% of their average value. By using this feature you can load an unused freighter with as much Nividium as possible and sell it at the shipyard. This is an option if you have too much Nividium stored and cannot sell it, or if you need fast and easy money as soon as you have enough Nividium. But remember that the return is only half of what is possible from selling Nividium!

  • "Opportunity Sale" by using a delivery mission: From time to time you may be offered a mission which asks you to deliver a specific freighter to a station. By offering this mission the offerer commits himself to pay the total value of the ship - which includes the equipment and the freight! The player may take advantage of this and fully load the freighter with Nividium before delivery.

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