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What is the Save The Princess mission?

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Edited: 08/12/04 19:07

Mission Requirements:
  • Any ship with 69 units of cargo space

  • Good reputation with Boron
This mission appears on Argon and Boron stations, and requires you to have a good reputation with the Boron. You must help the princess' doctors by getting them 10 units of Spaceweed and 13 units of Argon Whisky (Spacefuel) to make a medicine that can cure her.

The time limit given in the mission offer starts from the time the offer was posted, and not the time you accept the mission, so it is possible that the mission has very little time remaining. In this case simply don't take the mission - a fresh offer will appear soon.

The goods you need can be found at certain Trading Stations and factories. If you are lucky, there might be a bit in stock at a Pirate Base. You can also look for ships carrying these goods and attack them to steal their freight. If you successfully complete the mission, it will boost your reputation with the Boron Kingdom significantly.

Q: It says I should attack Pirate ships, is this the only way to do it?
A: No, you can get the goods from Pirate stations, space fuel distilleries (like the one in Herron's Nebula), and bliss places (try Teladi space). You can even use your own stations that stock these goods if you have them. If you want the goods for free, though, attacking pirates is the best method.

Q: Where do I have to go? It just says a station in Kingdom End.
A: You need to dock at the Royal Boron Trading station.

Q: I didn't get any money for doing the mission! Why?
A: This is a goodness of heart mission, so you "refuse the money," but the Queen rewards you with a large race rank increase to compensate you. It is definitely worth doing even though there is no cash involved.

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