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What is the Supply Resource mission?

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Author Details
By: Apoch
Edited: 04/12/04 20:47

Mission Requirements:
  • Ship able to carry specified resource Cargo Class (S, M, L, XL-cargo)

  • Minimum Trade Rank

Recommended Equipment:
  • Trading System Extension

  • Best Buys Locator

This mission can be found in stations with a shortage of primary resources. To find these stations, equip your ship with a Trading System Extension, target a station, press the [I] button and look at the station's details ([U] button). If a resource in the upper list is running low at that station there is a chance that the manager or CEO at that station has an offer on the Bulletin Board.

This offer will ask you to bring an amount of primary resource to this station. They will in return pay you the maximum price for this resource. If you succeed in bringing the requested amount within 75% of the time limit you will be granted a bonus. For some resources, the maximum price is not interesting, but the bonus can be very promising.
This mission can also bring in some desired money early in the game, especially if stations run low on energy, wheat, or Argnu beef (S-class resources). Read the offer well, because most offers will require multiple runs before you can finish the task.
It is also very helpful to install the Best Buys Locator in your ship. This BBL comes in very handy when looking for stations that can supply the wares you need for a good price. To use the locator, press the [5] button (above the [T] button). If you scroll down the list with the up & down arrow keys you can target the desired station by pressing the [T] button.

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