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Where and how do I start the several plots of X3: AP?

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Author Details
By: X2-Illuminatus
Edited: 06/11/17 10:56

Before reading this entry you should be aware of possible spoilers!

The minimum requirements and the start sectors for the various plots of X3:AP are as follows:

Main plots:
    Plots only available with Non-Terran gamestarts:
    • Albion Prelude Plot

      • Anywhere

      • Minimum Argon Rank 4 (Accepted Adviser)

      • Maximum Terran Rank 0 (Citizen)

    • HUB Plot

      • Anywhere

      • Albion Prelude Plot completed

      • Minimum Boron Rank 5 (Queen's Guard)

      • The Atreus HQ (Queen's Harbour) has to be known

    • HQ Plot

      • Anywhere

      • Albion Prelude Plot completed

      • Minimum Teladi Rank 5 (Majority Shareholder)

      • Plutarch Mining Corporation HQ (Albion Delta) has to be known

      • NMMC HQ (PTNI Headquarters) has to be known

      • You have to own at least one station.

    Plots only available with Terran gamestarts (Terran Commander and Aldran Adventurer):
    • Operation Loose Ends

      • Anywhere

      • Positive Terran rank (at least Local Councillor)

      • Fight rank 14 (Professional)

      • Please note: Operation Loose Ends grants you access to the same or similar rewards as the plots available with Non-Terran gamestarts.

    Plots available with all gamestarts:
    • Shady Business

      • Anywhere

      • Either HUB Plot or Operation Loose Ends completed

      • Unfocussed Jumpdrive in player inventory

      • Split rank 10 (Honoured Strong Arm of Rhonkar)

    • Corporation Troubles

      • Anywhere

      • Either HUB Plot or Operation Loose Ends completed

      • Unfocussed Jumpdrive in player inventory

      • Trade rank 15 (Petty Financier)

    • Breaking Grounds

      • Anywhere

      • 6th Share recovery mission of the Corporation Troubles Plot completed

Note: None of the plots is available in the Custom start. Also none of the plots of X3TC is available in AP.

  • Tormented Teladi

    • your starting sector

  • Poisoned Paranid

    • your starting sector

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