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X Rebirth

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Technical and Support > General > X Rebirth

Are you having problems with the game? Then look no further, Egosoft has a specialised section devoted to technical support for the game. The games are categorised into their own respective sections, so ensure that the game you are looking for help on is selected on the left bar.

This section holds questions that do not fit into a certain category or are of general interest.

  • [EN] My technical question is not listed here. What do I do?

  • [EN] Do I have to start from scratch, once a new update is released?
  • [EN] How do I register X Rebirth in the Egosoft forum?
  • [EN] I'm supposed to provide specific files (crashdumps, savegames, screenshots etc.) in my forum topic. How do I do that?
  • [EN] Where do I get patches for X Rebirth?

  • [EN] How do I find my system specifications? (DXDiag)
  • [EN] I can't find the game folder. Where is it?
  • [EN] Where are my savegames stored?
  • [EN] Where are my screenshots saved and how can I read them?
  • [EN] [XRVR] How do I retrieve information about the installed Vulkan driver? (VulkanInfo)

  • [EN] How do I reset my game settings to default?
  • [EN] Where do I find my control settings profile?

  • [EN] Can I easily switch back and forth between modified and unmodified play from the same save?
  • [EN] If I am asked to try to reproduce my problem in an unmodified game, how should I do that?
  • [EN] What are the risks of playing a modified game?
  • [EN] When will my game be considered modified instead of unmodified (vanilla)?

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