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August 2003

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  • Intro
  • X - The Threat Rolling Demo
  • X - The Threat US Publisher
  • X - The Threat PRE-ORDER NOW
  • Cardgame Preview
  • Contacts
  • A short foreword...


    Ah, no - no intro this time. You'll find out for yourself what we've got for you :)
    Have fun with X-News XI !


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    X - The Threat Rolling Demo

    See how X performs on your PC

    We are pleased to announce the release of the X - The Threat rolling demo. This self contained demo can be downloaded from our webpage under and is the actual game running actual scenes. The demo is fully configurable for different levels of hardware and produces a set of runnable benchmarks with output for comparison. Please view the readme that is part of the self extracting archive file.


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    X - The Threat US Publisher

    We have a deal for North America

    Last issue we could announce the European, Russian and Australian Publishers and now the US Publisher Enlight joined the list. In North America X will be published by ENLIGHT -
    Additionally the guys at Enlight Software made an X webpage - check it out!

    • North America

    • United Kingdom
    • Germany
    • France
    • Italy
    • Austria
    • Switzerland

    • Australia

    • Russia


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    X - The Threat PRE-ORDER NOW

    Pre-order now and receive a card game for free

    "All good things come in threes" - that's what the old saying tells us. And again it prooves right! Now that we know who will be responsible for publishing and when we are likely to hold the game in our hands here's more good news:
    You can pre-order X already in the Egosoft Online-Shop!
    As it is it is worth every cent however everyone who pre-orders will receive a free card game!

    Currently you can only order automatically via PayPal (that means you need a credit card), but a friendly mail to often solves many problems.

    Be among the first to play the newest and finest space game from Egosoft. If you order NOW you will also receive the limited edition X-Trumps card game for hours of fun for the rest of your family, while you can play X ;-) Delivery shall be on the day of release!

    Click here to immediately go to the Online Shop


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    Cardgame Preview

    X for PC-less days

    We already reported that everyone who pre-orders will receive a free and exclusive cardgame together with X. Now we were able to arrange a little preview to show you what these cards look like. Every set consist of the usual 32 cards and each card follows the same schematics; describing these certainly is not neccessary, we will just let the pictures do the explaining :)

    (Click to enlarge)

    Also this cardgame will be very interesting for collectors since not every set equals the others...

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    Additional Contacts


    EGOSOFT / Deutschland -

    Editorship english:
    Darren Astles / Great Britain (da)

    Editorship german:
    Michael B. / Germany (mb)

    Contact the editorship:

    Jonathan Handby (jh)

    Translations and proofreading:
    Herbert R. Hohenburger (hrh)

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