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X²: The Threat · Patches

24.Dec.07 X²: The Threat Update 1.5 4.43 MB
X² The Threat 1.5: Uplink

Happy Holidays and here's your gift from Egosoft! Now you can upload your game stats and claim those bragging rights! This version updates the game from version 1.4 to version 1.5.

This update contains the following features:
  • The new UPLINK facility to export your game statistics to a file which can then be uplinked to the Egosoft.com servers for display and comparison.
Once downloaded, simply run the .exe and follow the instructions.

A FAQ will soon be made available for the UPLINK facility in the FAQ section of the Egosoft site.

Available languages: all languages

14.May.05 X²: The Threat No Copy Protection 1.4 815 KB
This update will remove the copy protection from your X² 1.4 installation. Just extract the X2.exe into your game directory and overwrite the existing file. Make sure you have updated your game to version 1.4 first!

This update is for all language versions of X²: The Threat 1.4!

With this update you will no longer need to have the game CD in your drive to play.

Additionally this will enable users of Windows 64bit Edition to play the game, as the W64-incompatible copy protection driver is no longer required.

This download is only available to users who registered their copy of X² with us. Mirroring this download is prohibited!

17.Feb.05 X²: La Amenaza Script Update (Spanish) 589 KB
Corrige el mensaje de texto "modified" que aparece en pantalla.El parche sustituye los scripts por los nuevos.

Las partidas grabadas con el mensaje "Modified" no se corregirán. Para que el mensaje no aparezca tendrás que empezar una partida nueva o cargar una partida de otra versión que no tuviera ese mensaje en pantalla.


13.Aug.04 Artificial Life Update 105 KB
This is a recommended update for X²: The Threat Version 1.4.
The Artificial Life Engine Update will update all new features to do with the new AL engine upgrade added in version 1.4.

16.Jul.04 X²: The Threat Update 1.4 13.1 MB
This is an update for X²: The Threat version 1.2 or 1.3, it will update it to version 1.4

Features Include:
- Player-Owned Trade Stations and Equipment Docks
- New Xenon Invasion Mission
- "Artificial Life" Engine for a more lively universe.
- Capturable Khaak Ships
- Improved filter options in Owned Property menu
- Separately-installable bonus plug-ins

More information is located inside of the readme file that is packaged with the download.

Attention: You do not need the 1.3 update to install this patch. However your game will be required to be 1.2 or above.

See this FAQ page for more information.

17.Jan.04 X²: The Threat Update 1.2 6.45 MB - 12.6 MB
This is an update for X²: The Threat version 1.0 or 1.1, it will update it to version 1.2
European users do not require this patch.

Features Include:
- Graphic cards with more than one monitor connected can open special resolutions which are two or three screens wide
- Added support for EAX (activate at startup)
- Re-adjusted fighting AI: Ships fighting in remote sectors
- Added slider to input settings for Joystick sensitivity
- Improved quality of audio streaming
- Improved loading speed of new sectors
- Added technical details screen about ships when buying a new ship from a yard (open with "i" or "u")
- Added various tips to help inexperienced players during the plot missions

More information is located inside of the readme file that is packaged with the download.

Attention: You do not need the 1.1 update to install this patch.

See this FAQ page for more information.

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