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HQ: How can I repair my ships?

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By: Carlo the Curious
Edited: 04/06/09 18:18

Any damaged ship docked at the HQ can be repaired. Damaged ships are listed in the Station Info and Adjust Station Parameters menus and in the latter can be added to, and removed from, the repair queue. Ships in the repair queue are repaired in the order shown. You can check the repair cycle requirements and ship details by pressing I or O in the Adjust Station Parameters menu with the ship selected.

Repairs require time, money and resources. All of these are proportional to the value of the ship and the amount of hull damage that it has. The money must be in the HQ station account and the resources in the HQ station storage in order for repair to start. The repair queue is in strict order so if a large ship is "blocking" the queue due to lack of resources, ships further down the queue will not be repaired.

As a rough guide (and it is very rough, especially for smaller ships) the total cost of repairing a ship with hull damage of 50% should be approximately 15-20% of the value of the ship, including both the cash cost and the value of the resources used. Remember that the price of a ship in a shipyard includes shields and usually weapons even if you buy the S model, so remember to deduct these when checking prices.

The time taken to repair a ship is also proportional to its value. This should range from a few seconds for a slightly damaged M5 to many hours for a badly damaged capital ship.

If the HQ's own hull is damaged then it can be added to the repair queue just like a ship.

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