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The game runs but performance is bad. What can I do?

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Author Details
By: Carlo the Curious
Edited: 23/10/09 16:19

The performance of the game will depend on many factors, including your processor (CPU), graphics card, sound hardware, available memory, drivers, codecs, and a whole host of other factors. If you think the game is not performing as well as it should on your system then there are a number of things you can look at:
  • The first thing to do is to shut down as many background processes as possible to ensure that the game gets as much of the available processing power as possible. This includes instant messaging and file sharing software. Closing down your internet connection can sometimes help too.

  • Make sure you are using appropriate settings for your hardware. Turn off shadows unless you have a high-end system; they look good but can kill performance. The same applies to bumpmapping if you are using a low-end graphics card. Changing the screen resolution you play the game at can also affect performance, and setting the resolution and colour depth to the same as your desktop has been known to help.

  • Try updating your graphics card drivers. Newer versions are often better optimised, but occasionally things work out the other way and an older version may actually perform better.

  • Don't neglect your sound subsystem. Low-end on-board sound chipsets can sometimes slow the game down, as can out-of-date sound drivers or third party audio codecs. Turning off EAX can also improve performance if your sound card isn't able to handle the extra workload this creates.

  • If you are running any third party scripts then try removing them. If you find that a script was causing the problem then you will need to contact the author.
This is just a basic list of suggestions. There may be more useful ideas in this forum thread. Note that you will need to register your game to post in that thread as it is in the Tech Support forum.

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