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Second Installation: How do I make one and what are its uses?

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By: X2-Illuminatus
Edited: 13/05/18 17:53

Creating a second installation is pretty simple. Just copy the whole game folder to another place. Best thing is to do this with an unmodified installation.

In order to be able to create another installation everytime you need it, you should do the following:
  1. Install the game.

  2. Patch it to the latest version (and always keep it up to date).

  3. Don't modify this folder, but copy it to a different directory, when you need another installation.

  4. Please note: If you're using the Steam version, the .exe file will always point to your original Steam game directory, no matter where you copied the installation to. To prevent this, you will have to use the NoSteam.exe for X3AP. For X3TC no official NoSteam.exe is provided. However, you can simply take the X3TC.exe from the latest retail patch (as of 05/2018 this is the X3TC 3.3 -> 3.4 patch) by installing it to an empty folder and copying the X3TC.exe from that folder to your second installation.

  • Copying an existing folder is much faster than installing from the DVD or having to download all files from Steam (or the like).

  • You always have fast access to all unmodified game data.

  • You can make more installations for different things (for playing, testing scripts and mods etc.).

  • One requirement, before posting in tech support forums, is to reproduce bugs and problems in an unmodified installation.

Note: All installations will use the same folder to store the savegames. So you have to manually move the savegame folder before using another installation. However there are some user made tools in the forums, which are able to manage different sets of savegames.

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