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HQ: How do I use the spray shop?

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By: BurnIt!
Edited: 10/11/06 15:57

To use the Spray Shop feature you need to go to the Adjust Station Parameters option in the HQ station menu. Once there, scroll down to the Spray Shop section and you will see all of your ships, apart from the Boron-designed ones, that are docked at the HQ.

To move a ship into the Spray Shop, simply highlight the ship in the list and hit Enter. You will then see three additional options underneath that ship. You can adjust the Hue and Saturation in the same way as any other menu slider, using the left and right cursor keys, the Home and End keys, or by typing in a step size using the numeric keypad. When you hit Enter after changing either of these values, your ship is immediately re-sprayed using the selected value. The third option allows you to restore the original paintwork of the ship.

Note that this will restore the standard paintwork of the ship as defined for the race who designed it, which may differ from the colour that you had for it previously. There is a known limitation of this feature, namely that you cannot preview the colour of your ship before accepting your changes. This means that you will have to experiment with the values, but since the process is free, this is not a great hardship. The range of values for Hue is 0 to 360 and the range for Saturation is -256 to 256 where -256 is basically grey, 0 is the standard colour saturation, and 256 is a much more intense version of the colour.

Note: this feature is only found at the HQ.

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