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HQ: What can I produce in my HQ?

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By: BurnIt!
Edited: 10/11/06 16:27

The HQ can also produce ships. In order to produce a particular type of ship a set of blueprints is required. These can be obtained by reverse engineering (see below). Once you have blueprints for a ship type you can produce as many ships of that type as you like, provided you have the money and resources.

Blueprints are listed in the Station Info and Adjust Station Parameters menus. You can add an item to the production queue by selecting it in the blueprints part of the Adjust Station Parameters menu, and you can adjust the number of ships to produce at each point in the queue using the usual ware counter controls (left, right, home, end, numpad, etc.). Ships in the production queue are produced in the order shown, and where multiple ships of the same type are listed in the queue they will be produced one at a time. You can check the production cycle requirements and ship details by pressing I or O in the Adjust Station Parameters menu with the blueprint or production queue item selected.

As with repairs, production requires time, money and resources, and these are proportional to the value of the ship. Again, the money must be in the HQ station account and the resources in the HQ station storage in order for production to start. The production queue is also in strict order so if a large ship is "blocking" the queue due to lack of resources, ships further down the queue will not be produced.

Ships produced by the HQ will have no shields or weapons, and no additional equipment other than what is built-in for that class (e.g. life support for a TP).

The time taken to produce a ship is also proportional to its value. This ranges from a few minutes for an M5 to many, many hours for a capital ship.

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