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What is the Tour of a Lifetime mission?

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Author Details
By: Apoch
Edited: 04/12/04 20:47

Mission Requirements:
  • TP-class ship

  • Minimum Trade Rank

Recommended Equipment:
  • Boron Manta

  • Singularity Engine Time Accelerator, maximum Engine Tuning, Trading System Extension, Boost Extension

This mission is only offered on Trading Stations. Before you accept this mission, read carefully how many mizuras this mission will last, how much money they will pay you per sector and what Trading Rank you must have.

If you accept this mission you will get an immediate answer which activates the countdown timer. Dismiss the message and get started as quickly as you can.

For this mission you have to take your passengers on a sightseeing tour around the X-Universe. If you would like to know how many passengers you have aboard, press the [F] button.
The best way to tour around the neighboring sectors is to cross them diagonally, e.g. enter the sector through the North Gate and exit through the East Gate.

You need to visit as many sector as possible before the time limit mentioned in the offer expires. You will get a message when this occurs, stating that the passengers want to go back. This is also a crucial point in the mission. You have to take them back to the station you started the mission from - in approximately the same time you had to make the first trip out.

Do not ever use the Jump Drive (if installed) to go around the universe or take them back to the starting location. As soon as you activate it your payment will be cut by about 90%!

Tip: Bonuses can be acquired with this mission by visiting Xenon and Pirate Sectors, or a lucky encounter with a swarm of Spaceflies.
Tip: Entering a sector means visiting it. So e.g. if you start this mission at Lucky Planets and go to Trinity Sanctum, you can go visit Light Water on your way. This is only 40Km extra but pays an extra sector bonus, by visiting a sector with only a South Gate.

Q: Do I need a Cargo Bay Life Support System?
A: No.

Q: How long does the mission last?
A: Each mission has a different time limit, you will be given a message when to return to base.

Q: What do they like to see?
A: Anywhere really, you can just take them for a ride around several sectors for the normal pay, or for a bonus show them something of special interest (such as Xenon sectors, Pirate stations, space flies, station debris, etc.).

Q: Can I use a jump drive?
A: If you use a jump drive your reward will be reduced by 90%.

Q: I tried to take a mission but the operator says I killed the passengers - why?
A: Your cargo hold hasn’t enough room.
(Note: due to a bug some missions have too many passengers and cannot be done in any TP).

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