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06.Aug.19 Announcing X4: Split Vendetta and update 3.0  (165 Comments)
X4: Split Vendetta is the next chapter in the X4: Foundations story. This is the first big expansion for X4, greatly increasing the size of the universe and introducing two new Split family clans along with their economy, new ships, weapons and station modules.

Along with the Update 3.0 to X4: Foundations, the X4: Split Vendetta expansion brings exciting new missions and adventures to the game. New gamestarts allow an even more varied experience in the biggest sandbox this side of the galaxy.

TRADE with the Split families or FIGHT against them. BUILD your own station designs based on the new modules and THINK carefully on your path through the new diplomatic missions.

Both "X4: Split Vendetta" and the free 3.0 update to "X4: Foundations" will be released in the fourth quarter of 2019. "X4: Split Vendetta" is the first of two expansions that will be available to owners of the "X4: Foundations Collector's Edition".

Watch the trailer for "X4: Split Vendetta" here.

For the first time ever, EGOSOFT will have its own booth at gamescom in Cologne, the world's largest event for computer and video games. You can meet us from August 20 to August 24 2019 in the new "Indie Village" in hall 10.2. Drop by and take a first look at the "X4: Split Vendetta" expansion and the big 3.0 update to "X4: Foundations" before they are released together in the fourth quarter of 2019. We are looking forward to meeting you at gamescom!
posted by Xenon_Slayer
28.May.19 X4: Foundations 2.50 Released  (21 Comments)
We are pleased to announce the release of 2.50, which introduces some new features to X4: Foundations as well as fixing a number of issues with the game. We have added a whole new class of Auxiliary ships, and associated resupply orders, to help you support your fleet. We have also added a blacklist feature to enable your ships to avoid dangerous areas, and new inventory management functionality so that items collected by your pilots can be transferred to you or to a safe location. Also with this release, the Linux version of the game is now available to all players, and Tobii eye-tracking is supported for those of you playing on Windows.

Full release notes are available here.

Rest assured that this release is just part of our ongoing program of fixes and features, and that the focus of our next update will be on improvements to the in-game economy.
posted by CBJ
26.Feb.19 X4: Foundations 2.00 released, X-News  (19 Comments)
EGOSOFT is happy to announce the availability of X4: Foundations Update 2.00 including the following main features:
  • Player owned shipyards, wharfs and equipment docks: Players can now build and operate their own shipyards. This allows leaving an even deeper impact on the game's economy. Build ships for yourself or deliver them to the war factions. Participate in the faction wars on the highest possible level or just make a lot of profitsss.
  • Steam Workshop integration: Starting with version 2.00 X4: Foundations now also supports installing game mods via the Steam workshop. This will make it easier than ever for players to try out some of the already existing cool X4 mods!
  • Rebalancing of fight and economy: With Update 2.00 we changed a lot of parameters of the game economy and fight balancing. The goals include making crew gaining experience a bit easier, but also making a lot of changes to the turret and capital ship fight balancing.

As with the previous updates there are many more features and improvements, and the Russian as well as Japanese localisations have now made it out of beta. Find the details about all fixes and features here: Release Notes Update 2.00.

Together with the release of 2.00 we also have a new edition of our X-Universe News with additional details on what's next as well as a special treat: the first chapter of the new book Yoshiko by Helge Kautz.

X-Universe News 68:
posted by BurnIt!
30.Jan.19 X4 1.60 released and next steps in the evolution of X4: Foundations  (222 Comments)
Egosoft is happy to announce the release of update 1.60. You can find the full changelog for 1.60 in the updated Current Build and Version Number topic.

We would also like to take this opportunity to share our near-future plans for X4: Foundations with our community!
Upcoming highlights are:
  • Milestone Updates 2.00, 2.50 and 3.00
  • Online Ventures
  • First Expansion will introduce Split race
You can find our "road map" regarding future updates here: Next steps in the evolution of X4: Foundations

Recently we discovered a video about X4: Foundations by Bluedrake42. We have not influenced or sponsored his video, but we are definitely pleased he's so excited about X4 and we wanted to share his review. It's been a great joy for the entire team at Egosoft to hear all of his comments.

"There have definitely been a few problems with bugs, and the learning curve has always been a little bit high due to the massive giant economy... but I have to say X4 is the best version of all the X Games in my opinion - the UI is way better and easier to navigate, the controls are way more streamlined." - Bluedrake42 YouTube

Check out his full review here: https://youtu.be/2ZHqid2t7vM
posted by BurnIt!
14.Jan.19 Forum Server Maintenace - completed
Forum server maintenance has been concluded and normal operations have resumed.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
posted by BurnIt!
20.Dec.18 X4: Foundations - Update1.50 and Online Ventures BETA
We are happy to announce today the availability of Update 1.50 of X4: Foundations. It adds the ability to ask people for directions, reintroduces a more talkative Betty shipboard computer and fixes a long list of issues. With this update, the game now also gets its first ever X online mode called Online Ventures.

Video explaining 1.5 and Online Ventures

X4: Foundations - Online Ventures

As a Christmas gift, the Egosoft team today releases our first experimental online gameplay mode for any X game into BETA. We call it "Online Ventures".

With X4: Foundations online ventures, every player can send a ship into other players' universes and allow visitors into their own.

Visitors to your universe can easily be identified in HUD and on the map.

They will see your ships the way you designed and decorated them (an exception is if you created your own custom logo).

Assign ship to a venture dock before sending it into a parallel universe.

After building a VENTURE PLATFORM and a VENTURE DOCK, you can send any S or M ship on a selected venture.

Different ventures unlock different rewards. For now they are all safe!

Ventures can take anywhere from one hour to several (real-time) days and will, with a bit of luck, unlock some exclusive rewards on success.

Every player can get one venture platform and one venture dock and build it on any station or on his or her player HQ.

More information about how this works can be found in our X4: Foundations Manual. We want to thank Dave "Sparky" Parker, Dom "Snafu_X3" Hughes, DrSuperEvil, Euclid, YorrickVander and many other WIKI contributors for their irreplaceable help with the X4: Foundations manual and WIKI.

IT'S A BETA - More to come soon!

While the online venture gameplay is now available to all with the normal version of X4: Foundations on Steam and GOG, the online feature itself is still in BETA. There is no risk to your savegames or to stability, but the ventures themselves might go wrong.

Participation in this new online mode is entirely optional and only possible with one unmodified savegame at a time!

X4: Foundations Soundtrack now available

In case you did not get the Collectors Edition with the included soundtrack, there is also now the option to listen to Alexei Zakharov's great X4 Soundtrack via most music download and streaming platforms.

Happy holidays and a great 2019!

Happy holidays from the entire team. We are very much looking forward to building on this great FOUNDATION that is X4 with updates and expansions in 2019!

posted by CBJ
05.Dec.18 Forum Server Maintenace
To better cope with the influx of new players our forum server will be moving to better hardware today.

We expect a downtime of a few hours until everything is back online and hopefully much more responsive.

UPDATE: Forum server migration complete.
posted by BurnIt!
01.Oct.18 X4: FOUNDATIONS - Fecha de lanzamiento, precios y más  (34 Comments)
EGOSOFT se complace de anunciar la largamente esperada 4ª parte de la serie X:
X4: FOUNDATIONS estará disponible en Steam y egosoft.com el 30 de noviembre de 2018!

X4: FOUNDATIONS trae la más sofisticada SIMULACIÓN de nuestro universo. Gestiona tus activos o EXPLORA el espacio en primera persona. VUELA CADA NAVE! COMERCIA y LUCHA para CONSTRUIR tu imperio con la construcción modular de estaciones y PIENSA cuidadosamente cuando te embarques en una travesía épica.

X4: Foundations - El inicio en el universo X4

X4: Foundations contará con un universo muy grande desde el primer día. Hogar de varias facciones de las razas Argón, Teladi y Paranid cada una con múltiples y complejas economías. Los Paranid, por ejemplo, son una raza con creencias religiosas muy profundas, dividida en dos imperios que compiten entre sí y que ahora están en guerra.
Por supuesto, también hay muchos adversarios potenciales. Aquellos en los que tu puedes elegir, como las diferentes facciones de los Piratas, y aquellos en los que no, como los infame Xenon: Una raza de inteligencia general artificial avanzada, construidos una vez por la propia humanidad para ayudar a colonizar el espacio.

Habrá Expansiones, que traerán más razas, sus naves, estaciones y muchas misiones al Universo X4. Nuestro objetivo es lanzar la primera gran Expansión en aproximadamente un año.

X4: FOUNDATIONS estará disponible por 49,99 € (49,99 $) el 30 de noviembre.

Preordena X4: FOUNDATIONS Edición digital de Coleccionista hoy mismo

A partir de hoy puedes hacer un pedido por adelantado de la Edición de Coleccionista digital y obtener:
  • X4: Foundations
  • Exclusiva pre pedido, modificación (mod) de pintura (requiere una cuenta de comunidad de egosoft conectada con una cuenta de Steam)
  • El Libro Digital del Arte del Universo X 2018: Disfruta del arte conceptual detrás del universo X.
  • X Novela: Nopileos de Helge Kautz como eBook en inglés y alemán.
  • Banda Sonora Digital: Descarga la música, incluyendo versiones exclusivas del tráiler y de la música del video de prueba en la mejor calidad posible.
  • La Edición de Coleccionista X4 también incluirá las dos primeras Expansiones para
    • La primera expansión está prevista para 2019.
    • La fecha de lanzamiento de la segunda expansión se anunciará más adelante.
Ordena ahora la Edición de Coleccionista de X4: FOUNDATIONS por el precio de descuento de 74,99 € (74,99 $) en:

Tienda online propia de Egosoft: https://www.egosoft.com/shop

o desde Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/392160/X4_Foundations/

Mira el tráiler oficial de X4: Foundations - nuevo video de demostración del juego aquí.
posted by BurnIt!
21.Sep.18 Forum Update week of Sept 24th-28th, Downtimes  (128 Comments)
It's finally happening - we are upgrading our forum software to the latest version!
The important bit first: yes, we will be importing all forums, topics, posts, private messages and attachments into the new version!

Expected downtimes during the upcoming days:
Sept 22nd/23rd: Website and forum will be offline for about 2 hours.
Sept 24th-28th: Forum will be offline for about 2 hours. Website may go offline for a few minutes.
This post will be updated with more exact times as the work progresses.

The picture shows a preview of the new look.

We've made plenty of custom changes to this forum over the past almost 16 years, some of which are being made irrelevant by the new software, others we've ported but some will not make it (at least not right away).
With over 4.6 million posts and 400,000 users this is a rather big task with many moving parts so changes to the upgrade schedule may be required at short notice.

Read more details in the related forum topic.
posted by BurnIt!
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