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X³: Terran Conflict

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Gameplay > General > X³: Terran Conflict

This section relates to issues with the gameplay aspects of the games, such as how to use certain software, how to pilot your ship for different situations, and advice on managing your empire. The games are categorised into their own respective sections, so ensure that the game you are looking for help on is selected on the left bar.

This section holds questions that do not fit into a certain category or are of general interest.

  • [EN] My gameplay question is not listed here. – what do I do?

  • [EN] What do all those TLAs and abbreviations mean?
  • [EN] Can you land on planets?
  • [EN] Is X3: TC multi-player?
  • [EN] What happened to the BBS?
  • [EN] Which languages are available in X3:Terran Conflict?

  • [EN] How many credits can I have in my account?
  • [EN] I got blown up when I went to Terran space. How come?
  • [EN] What about the self-destruct option? Is there any practical use?
  • [EN] What effect does the game start have?
  • [EN] What is the encyclopaedia and how do I use it?
  • [EN] Why are all these friendly ships showing as hostile?

  • [EN] My reputation with the Paranid is Enemy of Priest Duke 18%, and when I kill enemies it changes to 19%. Is this correct?
  • [EN] What are combat ranks?
  • [EN] What are economic ranks?
  • [EN] What are faction ranks?
  • [EN] What are race ranks?
  • [EN] What does the [L] mean after the race rankings?
  • [EN] Why have I lost fight/trade rank?

  • [EN] How do I use the galaxy map?
  • [EN] How to insert certain coordinates at the sector map?

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