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January 2004

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  • Intro
  • X - The Updates! Version 1.1 and 1.2
  • X - The Registration!
  • X - The Forums!
  • The Shop and more release info
  • X - Webpack, Banners and Wallpapers
  • X - First Impressions!
  • It's A Writers Life
  • Contacts
  • A short foreword...


    Well what's this that you see! It's X-News 12!
    Since X-News 11 we have had Gold in the US and in Australia, as well as the game being released in both territories just recently.
    As for Europe, we now have Gold and the game will be released in February.

    Both Steel and BurnIt! are a bit busy, so you have to put up with me on this issue of X-News.
    So sit back relax, keep the finger on the mouse, and enjoy.
    Have fun with X-News XII and a Happy New Year 2004!


    Breaking News!

    X wins "PC Zone Classic Award" with a massive score of 92% in the February issue of PCZone magazine in the UK. Here are a few quotes from the review
    "The best space game ever"


    "the finest game to strap on its space-trading boots since Elite"

    "better than Freelancer, better than EVE Online, better than any number of Privateers, Battlecruisers, Freespaces and Frontiers."

    "Satisfaction on a great big gaming plate, decorated with gameplay garnishings and covered with game design sauce."

    "one of the few examples of intelligent gaming out there"


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    X - The Updates! Version 1.1

    Get it now!

    After a few weeks of the game being released, Egosoft collated feedback from the fans and released an update (called version 1.1).
    New features include improved multimonitor support and some new options while you are in the game.
    Multimonitor support with 3 monitors can be done using the "spanning" mode supported by nVidia or Matrox Parhelia cards.

    Example: Wide stretch to 3 monitors

    You can find out more about the update and once you have registered, you can also download the patch by following the links below.
    The Info -
    The Download -

    However please remember that mirroring the update is not allowed.

    Version 1.2

    has completed its testing and may be available for download when you read this. Specific enhancements include a much improved sensitivty setting for joysticks. This patch was released to registered users early to facilitate testing on the various joystick combinations.
    Other improvements include:

    • We now have new station announcements with numbers (e.g. "Repair crews report to docking bay 5, damaged ship is approaching.")
    • There is a new entry in the player stats menu: 'Favourite Ship' will show the ship type which you use the most.
    • Factory resource alert (yellow flashing) is now improved.
      It now depends on whether there are enough resources for the production.
    • A collection of fixes affecting gameplay have also been implemented.
    If you buy the European version of X there is no need for an update to get these new features - version 1.2 is "factory default".

    The Script Editor

    Finally the ScriptEditor has been revealed and you can find information on how to access it here:

    There will be a new option for the editor which should make live a bit easier for those of you that already experimented with it and had trouble with infinite loops.
    From version 1.2 on the ScriptEditor features an "infinite loop detection" that can abort a script if such an event occurs.

    Not yet registered? Read below.


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    X - The Registration!

    The key to updates and plugins

    If you haven't already then it's a good time to register your copy of X-The Threat. You can do this by entering the Registration Key into your profile on the forum or by creating a new account following the registration link on your install CD.

    You can find your online registration key here:

  • On the North American version sold by Enlight: On the first page of the manual.
  • On the Australian version sold by QV Software on a sticker on the CD cover.

  • Once entered, you will gain access to the tech support forum and a new download section for registered users will be activated.
    This is done because we are building up the system for possible future features which otherwise would have to be paid content. Registered users will in the near future be able to download small upgrades and more. Please note that we are not using personal information and registration requires nothing but an email address. We will not pass your information on and we will not send unwanted e-mails to your account. If you received this and did not want to please check the bottom of this mail for information on how to deregister for the newsletter.

    So what are these "plugins" we are talking about?
    For a start we have a small script package which you can download from the downloadpage for registered game owners.
    This script adds a new upgrade to the TerraCorp HQ and various Teladi Equipment Docks called "Trade Command Extension MK3". Once installed, a ship carrying this upgrade can be commanded to do autonomous trading in the current sector.
    For more information please consult the readme that comes with the script.


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    X The Forums!

    Hablas Español? Parlez-Vous Français? Parlate Italiano? Speak a different language?

    On the 19th of December, the forums opened up some new sections; these are for languages other than English and German. Each has its own moderator and is ready for you to visit. So if you would like to speak your own language and talk about any of the Egosoft games. Then why not go along and have a look. Egosoft and the forum Administrators offer an open invitation to you all.

    Speaking of more forums... by the time you read this the new "Scripts and Modding" forum probably has been opened already. This is the place to discuss script-writing and game modifications for X - The Threat.

    You can find the forums at:


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    The Shop and more release info

    The online shop is still open for business at Egosoft but please note the following.

    You can now order the US version if you live in North America, Australian / NZL customers can order the AUS version and EU customers can pre-order their copy of X.

    We are looking forward to releasing the game in England, France and Germany on February 6th and plan to release other European versions soon after. Also Polish and Russian versions are currently planned for february.


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    X - Webpack, Banners and Wallpapers


    Released in mid December, the updated X Webpack features updated information to the X-Universe as a whole.
    You can find it here: (10 MB)


    Also new are 6 fantastic new banners; here is a small sample of these:

    You can view the other four and download these at:

    And there is more...


    We also have 6 new X wallpapers ready for you!

    You can view them all in full size and different resolutions here:


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    X - The First Impressions!

    Now X has been out for a while, we thought it would be nice to put some first impressions into this issue.

    When I first saw the small main menu I was initially slightly disappointed, but as soon as I selected an item and saw the view swoop to a different asteroid to show submenu I was hooked.

    The game is different from the previous X games; you get to see the characters other than using the communications display.

    The new backgrounds are fantastic and the systems are highly detailed. Gives a whole new depth to the game.

    The universe is far more detailed than the previous games. Not only are the ships better looking; the interface is also much appealing.

    What I like is the way you can play the previous games and just jump into this one, the controls are virtually the same.

    You can be anything you want to be in this game! Pirate, trader, or a fighter! Its all there!

    The missions offered in stations make it easier to earn your hard earned cash other than trading.

    And finally - I just had to include this from Torch.

    My first impression of X The Threat, is WOW. Phenomenal graphics, (of course, my radeon 9700 pro helps), and although I have not finished the missions yet, this is the best fighting space simulator yet. Sitting in the cockpit of a ship, you feel like you're really in space. X offers many choices, to fight, trade, and build. My choice is to fight.

    Any race can be your enemy in this game, if you choose it, however, the Khaak, are the toughest enemy I have encountered in any space sim. They are a race, from who knows where, but you will know them when you find them.

    Compared to XBTF, and X-Tension, X The Threat, beats them hands down. It is EgoSoft's third version of a space sim, and they have gotten it right this time. You can play many roles in this game, whatever your choice may be, to fight, trade or build, buying this game is the right choice.

    With thanks to the many users who allowed me to post their first impressions. And as you can see X - The Threat has received some great first impressions.


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    It's A Writers Life

    Nopileos and Dominion about to hit the stores

    Well just before we go, some more breaking news, Helge Kautz who wrote the book 'Farnham's Legend' which was based in the X-Universe, has finished writing his second novel 'Nopileos' and it should be available in shops in Germany as well as the Egosoft online shop in late January. However this will only be available at present in German.

    Title: NOPILEOS
    Release: January 20, 2004
    Size: 416 pages
    Publisher: Panini-Dino
    ISBN: 3-8332-1041-9 (German; live from Jan 15)

    But English fans please do not despair. Darren Astles' (a.k.a Steel) first novel, 'Dominion' will also be available soon. This has been joined by Steve Miller's first story in Rogue series called "Rogues Testament". Together these two novels will be released in a single book.

    Title: X-Universe Volume One
    Release: February 6, 2004 (provisional)
    Size: 437 pages
    Publisher: Amita
    ISBN: 1-4120-1955-9
    X-Universe Volume One
    Available from all book stockists.


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    Additional Contacts


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    Darren Astles / Great Britain (da)

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    Michael B. / Germany (mb)

    Contact the editorship:

    Jonathan Handby (jh)

    Translations and proofreading:
    Vassenego (vas)

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