Edition 63 - September 2017

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X Universe News
X4: Foundations All information currently available
X Rebirth VR Edition 4.21 Update WARNING for Oculus 1.18!
X Rebirth VR Edition - End of EA Final Release coming up
X4: Foundations Next round of information and live stream
X Rebirth 4.21 Beta Public beta coming soon

X4: Foundations

All information currently available

For those of you who were not able to visit XCON 2017 or join us online on Twitch, here are links to all information released about the new game X4: Foundations, coming in 2018!

In case you haven't seen it yet, this is our new website about the game.

First teaser video: https://youtu.be/FuIeKMYaIAk
X4: Foundations Teaser Video
Most of you will probably have seen this video by now. It is more than just a teaser; we put a couple of Egosoft employees in front of the camera to talk a bit about their area of work and their favourite features of the new game.

English: XCON 2017 live gameplay and Q&A video: https://youtu.be/XeYbb0hf10U
German: XCON 2017 live gameplay and Q&A video: https://youtu.be/DKGPyA1d79o
This is the full English and German presentation from XCON 2017, as seen on Twitch. This includes a lot of live gameplay and a big Q&A session where we answered questions from our guests as well as from viewers on Twitch. The two presentations are far from identical. Especially the Q&A has quite a lot of different information.

Information about key features of X4 in our forum.
Collection of frequently asked questions (and answers) about X4: Foundations.

This is an article on our forum, where our mods were kind enough to collect all the information currently available. This comes from various resources and should answer a lot.

(German) German magazine GameStar video: https://youtu.be/2BHI35Hh8Ak

X Rebirth VR Edition 4.21 Update

WARNING for Oculus 1.18!

Today Egosoft releases X Rebirth VR Edition Update 4.21. This update will bring a large set of bug fixes and improvements for the Virtual Reality UI, the tutorials and the XR VR-specific missions. With this update, the game will now also be able to detect VR controllers like the Oculus Touch or the VIVE wand live during gameplay.

Warning - XR VR crashes on Oculus unless correctly updated

There will be some technical problems with X Rebirth VR Edition in relation to the next Oculus Home update (1.18), which is currently in "Public testing". This may lead to our game not running on your system for a few days!

Being on the cutting edge of a new graphic technology API has advantages, but unfortunately also comes with some downsides: Due to a change in one of the Vulkan extensions, Oculus needs to change their handling of Vulkan apps with API version 1.18, which in turn affects our game. As the only game currently released on the Oculus Rift that also uses the Vulkan API, our game will need to be updated together with the Oculus 1.18 runtime.

Today's big update of X Rebirth VR Edition is therefore timed to be released with the next release of Oculus Home, but if one is updated while the other is not, problems can occur. More precisely:

X Rebirth Version 4.20 & Oculus API 1.17 ---> Runs (this is the current situation)
X Rebirth Version 4.20 & Oculus API 1.18 ---> CRASH
X Rebirth Version 4.21 & Oculus API 1.17 ---> CRASH
X Rebirth Version 4.21 & Oculus API 1.18 ---> Runs (this is how it should be after the UPDATE!)

Note that this may even affect people who bought the game on Steam, if they are running the Oculus version of the game! (VIVE version should be unaffected, but will of course also receive the 4.21 update).

Additionally, the update also requires the very latest graphics drivers. For NVidia cards this is currently version 385.41, for AMD you have to update to 17.9.1!

You can get the Oculus Home Update 1.18 earlier by opting into the Oculus public test channel before Tuesday the 12th, at which point Oculus should have updated all users to 1.18 anyway!

X Rebirth VR Edition - End of EA

Final Release coming up

With this new 4.21 update, we are not far from a version of X Rebirth VR Edition that we can release from Early Access.

Our plan is to take this step with the next big update, 4.30.
As you probably know by now, Egosoft always continues development of our games for a long time also after release, so don't worry, 4.30 is not the end of the line, but we feel it is a very solid game and a great experience in VR, so is a good point to end Early Access.

X4: Foundations

Next round of information and live stream

It is decided: After the huge success of the first Twitch stream during XCON 2017, we will have another streaming session on Wednesday, September 27th: 20:00 CEST (EU), 19:00 BST (UK), 14:00 EDT, 11:00 PDT.

If you are not subscribed yet, join our Twitch channel to be able to watch this live, or watch the video there immediately after the event.

Official EGOSOFT Twitch channel: https://twitch.tv/egosoftofficial

X Rebirth 4.21 Beta

Public beta coming soon

In parallel with the X Rebirth VR Edition 4.21 update we are also launching a new Beta for X Rebirth. This beta will be available early next week and will bring many of the features that we worked on for the VR edition and "ported back" to X Rebirth:

The focus of this update was on adding more flexibility to gamepad controls, bettering support for joysticks and improving many areas of the user interface. Examples are the new "Quick menu", which allows you to access many of the most commonly used features of the game with a simple compass menu similar to that used for drone launching, and a new target locking mechanism for gamepad control.
X4: Foundations Official Website
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