Edition 66 - December 2018

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Welcome back. We try to keep these mails to a minimum, but I believe this one is well worth it: Friday November 30th, X4: Foundations launched on STEAM and GOG.com. If you did not order it yet, you can do so also on our own website via the Egosoft Shop.

Watch the game live now

If you want to see more of X4: Foundations, then there is a great opportunity: Several youtube and twitch streamers are streaming X4: Foundations live. Some examples are:

CohhCarnage: https://www.twitch.tv/cohhcarnage
ObsidianAnt: https://www.youtube.com/user/ObsidianAnt

You can find more live-streams on Twitch.tv and YouTube.

Vulkan graphics engine update

We are happy to announce, that prior to release we were able to get a number of new graphics engine features implemented. These screenshots show the most prominent of these:
Screen Space Reflections
Screen space reflections. This is still a step short of Raytracing, but has the advantage of running on a lot more GPUs. It is currently still locked at "LOW" quality but we are working on improving this for high end systems in the future.

A note about VSync for NVidia based systems:
NVidia drivers have a minor issue with how they name their VSync options towards Vulkan games (like X4). You will therefore note, that the default VSync mode name "Triple Buffering VSync" is in fact NO VSYNC. You may have to try out the other modes depending on your driver version. NVidia is working on fixing this naming issue.

Register game to get free PAINT MOD

There are many questions regarding the paint mod bonus for those of you who pre-ordered the base game or Collector's Edition.
X4 Foundations can (and should) be connected with the egosoft.com online community.

How to register

Log in to your egosoft.com account or register a new account and go to the "Game Registration" section in the top left corner.
X4: Foundations registration

Depending on whether you own the game on Steam or GOG you will need to
"Sign in through Steam" (or "Update via Steam" if you are already linked) or enter your
GOG serial key (GOG Account -> Library -> X4 -> More -> Serial keys).
If you select the "Register" button from the "Online Features" menu of a Steam version of X4: Foundations the linking may happen automatically.

After successful registration you will see the following in your profile:
X4: Foundations through Steam or X4: Foundations through GOG

If you do this ideally right after installation, then you will get the following paint mod for free:
Advanced paint mod Foundation X
"Foundation X" Inspired by classical race cars will make your ships look even more sleek while exploring the universe. You will be able to paint fifty of your ships per savegame with this ADVANCED PAINT MOD.

If you pre-ordered the X4: Foundations - Collector's Edition then you will be able to dress your ships in this additional EXCEPTIONAL PAINT MOD:
Exceptional paint mod Obisdian X
"Obsidian X" Highly polished metal will make your ship shine in an entirely new light.
Be the bright beacon of the fleet and show off your support for the game with this EXCEPTIONAL PAINT MOD.
This is a special "Thank you" for supporting us and you will be able to use this paint mod ten times in each savegame you start after registering your game and logging in through the "Online Features" menu.

No Box this time around

Originally there were plans for a box to be available in stores in Europe, but unfortunately this did not happen. So right now the game is only available in electronic forms as "Standard Edition" and "Collector's Edition".

More information about X4: Foundations

X4: Foundations website:
First teaser video:
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Forum link to FAQ:
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