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We have a big surprise for you in our next beta update. Up to now in X4, all factions have used the same builder ship model, but this all changes today in the new public beta. Of course this means that the new ships will also be in the release version, as soon as the 6.00 public beta process has finished.

In the 6.00 update for X4, the existing builder ship model for the Paranid and Teladi will be replaced by the following new models:

HERACLES (Paranid builder ship)

ALBATROSS (Teladi builder ship)

If you own the X4: Split Vendetta and / or X4: Cradle of Humanity expansions, you can also look forward to the following new models:

ELEPHANT (Split builder ship)

KYUSHU (Terran builder ship)

And while we're in such a good mood, we're also going to give you a first glimpse of the Boron builder ship - which will join your game universe as soon as you've purchased the new upcoming X4: Kingdom End expansion. Be sure to add X4: Kingdom End to your Steam or GOG wishlist to be automatically notified upon release.

WALRUS (Boron builder Ship)

As well as replacing the models, all of their stats have of course been balanced accordingly, so now they really are completely unique builder ships. We look forward to your feedback on the new builder ships, as well as the other changes in Beta 5 (full changelog). Please report any issues as usual in our Public Beta Feedback Forum.

How do I take part in the Public Beta?
Every player who owns X4: Foundations has the opportunity to download the new 6.00 beta version. In order to ensure that beta participants are aware of the risks and rules involved, we ask all interested players to visit our forum, where they will find the rules and disclaimers, as well as practical instructions for participating in the beta. Follow this link to our forum (no registration required) to find the relevant information.

Note: If Steam displays an older Beta version rather than "public_beta - 6.00 Beta 5" in the beta drop-down menu, this is just a display error in the Steam client. You can correct this by re-entering the beta password (see forum), but even with the incorrect version displayed in the list, you will still be playing the latest version of the beta if you have selected the public_beta branch.

Captain Collins interview recording
Egosoft founder and CEO Bernd Lehahn was recently interviewed by Captain Collins. The 90 minute interview primarily focused on the forthcoming 6.00 update and X4: Kingdom End, but it also covered a few more general topics and the broader future of the game series. The recording is now available on YouTube, so feel free to have a look:


Thanks for participating in the Public Beta 6.00 and for supporting us!

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