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The time has come! You can now update your X4 to the brand new 6.00 version and, with the purchase of X4: Kingdom End, embark on a new and captivating chapter of X4. A long-awaited reunion with the Boron is in store for you - be prepared for unique ships, distinctive systems, old secrets and new acquaintances!


New X4 Bundles

We're celebrating this gathering of all the familiar species of the X universe by putting together two new X4 bundles:

While the Community of Planets Edition is quite self-explanatory, in that it includes only game content, we have a summary image for the new Collector's Edition that shows you what's included:

You can find more detailed descriptions on the new X4: Community of Planets Collector's Edition bundle page. We thank you in advance for your support!

6.00 Update
The free major 6.00 update for X4: Foundations introduces some significant improvements. You can find the complete changelog in our forums, but we would like to highlight a few individual points:

While integrating the next generation of our graphics engine with several big visual improvements (details below), as well as a new, more powerful physics engine with performance and feature improvements, we're also maintaining savegame compatibility for X4.

New physics engine
Experience the thrill of space more than ever before in X4: Foundations, with the integration of Jolt Physics into X TECH 5. Whether you're navigating an asteroid field, docking at a space station, or engaging in combat, Jolt Physics adds a new level of realism and immersion to every moment of gameplay. You'll feel the full force of acceleration and deceleration as you pilot your ship, and every collision will have a tangible impact. In addition to enhancing the overall gameplay experience, the integration of Jolt Physics also brings about performance and feature improvements to X TECH 5.

Improved lighting
The main goal with the new lighting engine in X TECH 5 is to improve natural-looking sunlight in space. More vibrant colours, higher intensity suns, and a wider range of interesting lighting moods. X TECH 5 gives us many new tools to achieve this. Reflection probes greatly improve lighting situations inside cockpits, bridges and on stations, and seamlessly integrates with the screen space reflections introduced in a previous version of X4. You will also note that the shadow-casting in X TECH 5 has massively improved. This greatly helps in producing more realistic visuals at greater distances.

Introduction of parallax occlusion mapping
With the inclusion of parallax occlusion mapping, X TECH 5 features a technique that allows us to add extra detail and depth to surfaces in the game. This is achieved by using a special type of texture that encodes information about the height and shape of a surface, which is then used to create the illusion of 3D depth and detail. As a player, you can expect to see a noticeable improvement in the realism and immersion of surfaces in the game, as parallax occlusion mapping allows us to add subtle details and depth that were not previously possible.

Position Defence
The new Position Defence feature in Update 6.00 allows players to have a single carrier-led fleet defend multiple locations while maintaining its streamlined support structure. Individual subordinate groups within the fleet can be assigned to protect specific locations, and will patrol the area until they need to return to the carrier for repairs or resupply. Additionally, these subordinate groups can be set to support other groups in the fleet if they come into contact with threats. This allows for flexible and dynamic defence of multiple locations with a single fleet. We can't wait for you to try out this new feature and see how it enhances your gameplay experience.

Live Stream camera mode
Live Stream is a brand-new camera mode in X4: Foundations that brings you closer to the action. Once activated, by hitting F6, Live Stream mode allows you to watch interesting events and scenes unfold in your game in real-time. Whether it's an epic space battle, a bustling space station, or a beautiful nebula, this new mode has you covered. One of the best things about Live Stream mode is that it automatically switches between scenes, so you never have to worry about missing out on the action. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, as our new camera mode takes you on a tour of the most interesting moments in your game.

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