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X³: Farnham's Legacy is a new game in the X3 space game series. TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD, THINK in a living and breathing universe. It incorporates a new storyline and yet more additions to the open, free-form gameplay that forms the core of all X series games.

X³: Farnham's Legacy is free to all owners of X³: Albion Prelude on Steam.

Explore a Changing Universe: X³: Farnham's Legacy

Set in the years after X³: Albion Prelude, as the chaos caused by the gate shutdown really takes hold, X³: Farnham's Legacy starts very differently to previous games in the X3 series. Trapped in an isolated area of space, you'll first need to make use of the new exploration features to find your way back to civilisation. Then, once you're there, you'll be able to use the new diplomacy options to help shape your relationships with the factions you find.

Key features:

  • (Almost) Everything from X³: Terran Conflict and X³: Albion Prelude
  • Exploration tools and explorers guild
  • Diplomacy and dynamic relations
  • New drone carrier and armoured transport ships
  • Player headquarters with new advanced facilities
  • A unique and very special new ship
  • Station-building and complex planning services
  • Ship browser and hyperlinked encyclopedia
  • New piracy options and gameplay
  • Real sector ownership
  • Improved logs and graphs
  • Enhanced modding support
  • Lots and lots of smaller improvements!
Note: X³: Farnham's Legacy is not compatible with savegames from X³: Terran Conflict or X³: Albion Prelude.


30.Nov.23 Celebrating 5 incredible years of X4: Foundations
Time flies when you're navigating the vast expanse of the universe! It's hard to believe, but today marks the 5th Anniversary of X4: Foundations. From distant galaxies to intricate space stations, every moment of this journey has been an incredible experience, made even more special by your unwavering support and enthusiasm....

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12.Sep.23 X3: Reunion apresentado no Evento de 20 anos da Steam
A Steam está celebrando seu monumental 20º aniversário com um evento especial que começa hoje. Para prestar homenagem à sua rica história e aos jogadores que utilizaram a plataforma, a Steam montou uma página especial. Este espaço foi criado para levar os visitantes em uma jornada nostálgica através das últimas duas décadas, destacando os jogos que cativaram o público ano após ano. Entre esses títulos memoráveis está o nosso próprio X3: Reunion, um dos jogos mais vendidos da Steam em 2006....

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08.Sep.23 Lançamento de atualização significativa das Ferramentas de Modding para X4
Após o lançamento das nossas Ferramentas de Blender Modding junto com a atualização 6.00 e a expansão X4: Kingdom End em abril de 2023, estamos empolgados em trazer para vocês mais uma atualização importante de nossas ferramentas de modding para X4: Foundations....

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24.Aug.23 Atualização 6.20 disponível agora
Graças ao seu contínuo apoio ao longo de quase dois meses de beta público, agora podemos lançar a próxima atualização significativa para X4: Foundations. ...

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07.Aug.23 Special call to test the current Public Beta
Having recently made some fundamental technical changes to the X4 graphics engine in our public beta branch, we're reaching out to specifically invite you to test the latest public beta version (6.20 Public Beta 6) of X4: Foundations on Steam and GOG....

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