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If I am asked to try to reproduce my problem in an unmodified game, how should I do that?

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By: X2-Illuminatus
Edited: 21/04/18 18:08

If you are asked to try to reproduce a problem in an unmodified game (vanilla), for example when reporting a bug or problem in the Technical Support forum, you should do the following:
  1. Disable all the third-party extensions (scripts and mods) you have installed. If you installed those extensions through the Steam Workshop or manually to the "extentions"-folder, then you can disable them in the game's main menu under "Extensions". If you, however, edited game files yourself, then you will have to remove them on your own. (Hint: Make a backup of these files in a different folder, in case you want to use them later again.)

  2. Let Steam verify your game to make sure it's correctly updated to the latest version.

  3. Start a new game. This is necessary, as there may be left-overs from the extensions you used still stored in the savegame. Alternatively, if you have backed up your vanilla savegames before installing the third-party extensions, you can also use them to try to reproduce the problem.

  4. Reproduce the steps which caused the problem, and see if it occurs again.

If you cannot reproduce the problem in an unmodified game, then it is very likely caused by either one or the combination of extensions you had installed. In this case, you should take up the problem to the creator(s) of the extension(s) by reporting them in the respective topic in the Scripts and Modding forum.
If, however, the problem persists in a vanilla game, please add detailed intructions on how to reproduce it to your tech support topic. Please consider providing a savegame too.

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