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Things to know about the unfocussed jumpdrive

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By: Alan Phipps
Edited: 23/05/16 23:58

  • How can I get the unfocussed jumpdrive?

  • You are rewarded with the unfocussed jumpdrive when you successfully complete the Goner plot in X3TC or the Argon or Terran follow-on plots in X3AP.

    Unlike the normal jumpdrive, this device is part of the personal inventory (like salvage insurance) and not bound to any ship. It is not stored in the cargo bay and does not take up cargo space (and consequently will not be displayed in the freight menu of a ship).

  • How to use the unfocussed jumpdrive?

  • To use the unfocussed jumpdrive the player ship needs to be equipped with a normal jumpdrive, and there should also be enough energy cells in the cargo bay (since the unfocussed jumpdrive does not need gates to work, it only uses a few energy cells).

    To activate the unfocussed jumpdrive go to the navigation menu on the sidebar (not in the command console). In the menu, choose the 'Unfocussed Jump' option. You can also bind a hotkey to the action using the ingame Options menu.

    To return to the known universe you just need to perform another jump. This should return you to the sector you jumped out from.

    Note: In X3AP a jump with the unfocussed jumpdrive can only be performed from a sector that has either a jumpgate or a jump beacon in it. A sector that only has Transorbital Accelerators won't suffice as a starting point for an UFJD jump.

  • What can be found in unfocussed jumpdrive sectors?

  • An unfocussed jump takes you to a randomised sector. Some of the things that can be found there:
    • Energy cells in abandoned crates

    • Asteroids (silicon, ore and even nividium)

    • Xenon and Kha'ak ships and stations (just Xenon ones in X3AP)

    • Goner ships including the Aran (just the Aran in X3AP though)

    • Striking scenery and perhaps random bits of debris of no particular use

    • In X3AP only, the faint chance of a randomly placed tunings crate

    • In X3AP only, the faint chance of weapons in randomly placed abandoned crates

  • Are there any risks to using the unfocussed jumpdrive?

  • Apart from any enemies you might run into, there are some other dangers:
    • On rare occasions use of the unfocussed jumpdrive can damage your ship equipment - there is a small chance that your transporter device, triplex scanner, or freight scanner can be destroyed.

    • There is also a small chance that an unfocussed jump (in either direction) will take you to a random sector in the known universe.

    • The Player cannot jump additional ships into a randomised sector after entry and anything not in your ship when you leave in the sector to return to normal space will be lost for ever.

    Warning: In X3AP, if you jump from a sector with jump beacons (but no jump gates) and these beacons are destroyed while you're in the UFJD sector, you won't be able to directly return to your starting sector in the normal universe. Instead, activating the UFJD will bring you to another UFJD sector. With each jump to an UFJD sector there is also a small chance that your navigational computer notices a jump gate or jump beacon in the normal space and brings you back to the known universe.

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