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Why do my complexes not produce Energy Cells as Product?

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By: -system-
Edited: 19/05/10 14:12

Wares of a complex can only be products which are not used to create other products in a complex.
Since Energy Cells are usually required for any production facility in a complex to produce something they cannot be a product at all. They can just be products if the complex only contains Solar Power Plants.

Classes of required/produced wares in a complex:

Resources -> Not produced in the complex but required for production in other factories of the complex
Intermediate Products -> Produced in the complex and required for production in other factories of the complex
Products -> Produced in the complex and not required for producing other wares in the complex

A small example:

You have a complex built of following stations:
2 Solar Power Plants
1 Soyfarm
1 Soyery
1 Crystal Fab
1 Silicon Mine

If you connect two Solar Power Plants, you will see that the Energy Cells are listed as Products since there are no other production facilities consuming them.
If you connect the Mine to the complex, silicon wafers become the product since there is no consumer for the ware and the Energy Cells are intermediate products because there is a consumer for them.
After adding the crystal fab to the complex every product is listed as an intermediate ware because every ware is consumed by another factory in the complex, meaning that there are no products which are not used by any other factory. There is also Soy Husk listed as a resource since it is consumed by the crystal fab but not produced in the complex. Until adding a Soyery this resources need to be bought from external sources.
Adding the Soyfarm to the complex lists the Soy Beans as Products because there are no consumers for the ware.
Connecting the last station, the Soyery, to the complex lists also the Soy Husk and Soy Beans as intermediate products because every product in the complex is consumed by another station.

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