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Why can't I connect a station to my complex?

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By: Carlo the Curious
Edited: 18/05/10 20:04

The most likely reason is that it is too far away.

If you're building a new complex then both stations must be within 20km of each other, and the complex hub must be deployed within 20km of both.

When adding a station to an existing complex the station must be within 20km of the complex hub. Note that the distance between the station and any factories already in the complex doesn't matter in this case – only the distance to the hub.

When calculating distances for stations, remember that the map is 3-dimensional - even though a station may be only 15km from the hub horizontally (on the x/z display), if it's also 15km away vertically (on the x/y display) then it's not going to be close enough.

If you find yourself with a half-built complex before you discover that some stations are too far away, all is not lost! You can link complex hubs to complex hubs; so, create a new complex with the remaining stations (being sure to place the new hub within 20km of the original hub), and then link the original hub to the new hub. Note that when linking complex hubs the first hub you select will form the hub for the whole complex – the other hub will be removed.

Another reason you might not be able to connect a station to a complex is if it is of a type that simply can't be linked. This includes:
  • equipment docks
  • trading stations
  • the player headquarters
  • the Xenon hub

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