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HQ: How do I recycle ships?

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By: Carlo the Curious
Edited: 18/05/09 17:09

You can recycle (scrap) ships at the HQ to receive some resources.

To recycle a ship it must be docked at the HQ. If you select the HQ and then Adjust Station Parameters (d key) you will see a list of docked ships that can be recycled in the 'Add to Recycle Queue' section. Selecting a ship and pressing i or u will display the ship information, including the resources that will be recovered by scrapping the ship and how long the process will take. Depending on the ship type, some or all of the following types of resources might be recovered:
  • Cloth Rimes

  • Computer Components

  • Crystals

  • Energy Cells

  • Microchips

  • Ore

  • Nividium

  • Quantum Tubes

  • Rastar Oil

  • Silicon Wafers

  • Teladianium

The amount of resources will vary depending on the type of ship and the amount of damage (if any) it has sustained.

To add a ship to the recycle queue, select the ship in the list in the 'Add to Recycle Queue' section, and press Enter (or double left-click). The ship will be added to the queue and (if there is nothing else in the queue) after a few seconds it will be removed from the queue and the recycling process will begin.

If you want to recycle several ships you can add more ships to the queue. Ships in the recycle queue are processed in the order they are added to the queue (first in, first out).

If the recycling process for a ship has not yet begun (i.e. the ship is still in the queue) you can remove it from the queue in the 'Remove from Recycle Queue' section in Adjust Station Parameters. If recycling has already begun (i.e. on the ship currently being scrapped) then the process cannot be stopped.

The list of ships currently in the recycle queue can also be seen in the HQ station information screen (u key), along with the resources which will be recovered by scrapping the first ship in the queue, and detailed information about the progress of the current recycling process. Note that the ship currently being recycled is no longer on the recycle queue.

Once the recycling process has finished the recovered resources will be added to the stocks of the HQ, and processing will start on the next ship in the recycle queue. Unlike reverse-engineering a ship, no blueprints are added.

Important! Be aware that the recycling process not only completely destroys the ship, but also any cargo or equipment it may be carrying.

Note: this feature is only found at the HQ.

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