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HQ: How do I build ships?

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By: Carlo the Curious
Edited: 20/07/10 09:48

In order to build ships at the HQ you must obtain blueprints for each type of ship you wish to build (e.g. by reverse-engineering).

Once you have a blueprint, in order to actually to build a ship you also need credits, resources, and time. If you select the HQ and then Adjust Station Parameters (d key) you will see a list of blueprints in the 'Add to Production Queue' section. Selecting a blueprint and pressing i or u will display the ship information, including the requirements for a production cycle to build one ship of that type. Depending on the ship type, some or all of the following resources might be needed:
  • Cloth Rimes

  • Computer Components

  • Crystals

  • Energy Cells

  • Microchips

  • Ore

  • Nividium

  • Quantum Tubes

  • Rastar Oil

  • Silicon Wafers

  • Teladianium

Generally, small ships are cheaper to build than larger ones. Building very large ships can take tens of thousands of resources, millions of credits, and days of gametime.

To add a ship to the production queue, select the blueprint in the list in the 'Add to Production Queue' section, and press Enter (or double left-click). The ship will be added to the queue and (if there is nothing else in the queue, and the production cycle requirements are met) after a few seconds it will be removed from the queue and the build process will begin.

If you want to build several of the same ship you can either add it multiple times to the queue, or select the production order in the 'Adjust Production Queue' section and use the left/right cursor keys to adjust the slider. Ships of many different types can be queued for production using the same method. Reducing the number of ships in a production order to zero will remove the order from the queue.

Ships in the production queue are produced in the order they are added to the queue (first in, first out), and where multiple ships of the same type are in a single production order they will be produced one at a time.

The list of ships currently in the production queue can also be seen in the HQ station information screen (u key), along with the requirements for the first ship in the queue, and detailed information about the progress of the current production cycle. Note that once production has started on a ship it is no longer in the queue.

Once the production cycle has finished the newly-built ship will be deployed - either docked at the HQ (for small ships) or in space nearby. The HQ will then start production on the next ship in the queue (resources and credits permitting).

Note that newly-built ships come with no installed equipment or upgrades, unless it comes as standard for the ship type (e.g. Cargo Life Support for TP-class ships).

Note: this feature is only found at the HQ.

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