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X²: The Threat

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Gameplay > Ships > X²: The Threat

This section relates to issues with the gameplay aspects of the games, such as how to use certain software, how to pilot your ship for different situations, and advice on managing your empire. The games are categorised into their own respective sections, so ensure that the game you are looking for help on is selected on the left bar.

Each ship in the x-universe is unique and requires a different look at, some ships can only hold certain wares and weapons. Some ships are faster and smaller than others. Some have weak points. This section will answer any questions you have about ships.

  • [EN] I've maxed out my ship by buying all the engine tunings I can but the speed still isn't up to the maximum displayed in the stats. Why not?
  • [EN] Why are none of my ships displayed in the Property window?

  • [EN] How do I refuel an M6?
  • [EN] How do I swap ships?

  • [EN] What is the difference between S, M and L model ships?
  • [EN] Where can I buy Pirate ships?

  • [RU] ºÐÚ ßÕàÕÜÕáâØâì ßØÛÞâР¿¼-3 ÝÐ ÝÞÒëÙ ÚÞàÐÑÛì?

  • [EN] Are there any additional settings?
  • [EN] Do commands to wingmen reach all wingmen?
  • [EN] How about M3 heavy fighter ships for wingmen?
  • [EN] How about M4 medium fighter ships for wingmen?
  • [EN] How about M5 scout ships for wingmen?
  • [EN] How can I add Carriers into the mix?
  • [EN] How do I go about choosing my wingmen?
  • [EN] How do I make a complex setup?
  • [EN] How do I perform a simultaneous execution of orders?
  • [EN] How do I sell a ship I don't want?
  • [EN] How do I send orders to my wingmen?
  • [EN] How do I set up my wingmen?
  • [EN] How do I split my escort?
  • [EN] How do I use hotkeys to send rapid orders?
  • [EN] How to use the wingman as a brake?
  • [EN] What are reasons for using wingmen?
  • [EN] What are wingmen?
  • [EN] What do these commands do?
  • [EN] What is up with the property list and wingmen?
  • [EN] What you can achieve with wingmen?
  • [EN] Will my wingmen follow me when I use a jump drive?

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