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Official Sites

100%OnlineUniverse.net The official website for the X massive multiplayer game Online-Universe or short X2OL.net. 
Official X forum The new forum about X² in English and German. Lot's of fun discussion and a wealth of information regarding the X games from X-BTF to X²-The Threat. 
XNews fan newsletter Collection of released issues of the XNEWS fan newsletter. To subscribe and receive this in email form just sign up to the community page or forum. 
X-TENSION and X-GOLD infos Official information collection about the XBTF upgrade X-TENSION that was later sold as XGOLD together with XBTF. 
EGOSOFT shop Buy EGOSOFT products and merchandise for the X series of games 

Press X: Terran Conflict

50%X3 Terran Conflict Review on metacritic.com  
X3 Terran Conflict Review on ign.com  
X3 Terran Conflict Review on uk.gamespot.com  
X3 Terran Conflict Review on gamingexcellence.com  
X3 Terran Conflict Review on gamingshogun.com  
X3 Terran Conflict Review on cheatcc.com  
X3 Terran Conflict Review on gamersmark.com  
X3 Terran Conflict Videos and Screenshots on eurogamer.net  
X3 Terran Conflict Review on thegamereviews.com  
X3: Terran Conflict The Aldrin Missions on gamefocus.ca  

Press X: Reunion

75%X³ Preview - 03/21/05 An early preview of X³: Reunion on gamespot. 03/21/05 
75%The Power of X Greg Kingston unveils some more infos anout X³ at gamespot. 07/21/05 
100%Reunion Interview - May 18, 2005 Greg Kingston talks to ign.com. May 18, 2005 
75%IGN about X³ at E3 IGN.com gives a short impression of X³: Reunion at E3. May 20, 2005 
75%X³ First Look at TVG - 04/27/2005 TVG takes a first glance at X³: Reunion. 
100%X³ Q&A - 06/05/2005 TVG interrogates Bernd Lehahn. 
100%X3: Reunion - Developer Diary No.1; 08/18/2005 TVG takes a closer look behind the making and makers of X³. 
50%GameSpy's a First Look on X³ - May 20, 2005 GameSpy's first look at X³. 
100%Screenies and more Screenies at Gamespot A whole bunch of X³ screenshots. 

Press X

PC Zone interview about X² || 20.Aug.2002 Indepth interview about X2 from August 2002 
PC Zone || 20.Aug.2002 Interviews and continually updated screen shots. 
HardCoreWare.Net || 20.Mar.2003 Deep and detailed preview/interview with more screen shots. 20th March 2003. 
PC Zone Preview || 22.Apr.2003 First preview - 22nd April 2003. 
Eurogamer || 26.Jun.2003 Screenshots and comments on Eurogamer 
Boomtown || 09.Sep.2003 Preview 
Action Trip || 02.Oct.2003 Preview 
News0r || 22.Aug.2003 Preview 
Wicked Toast || 11.Oct.2003 Preview 
Worthplaying.com || 16.Nov.2003 Preview 
75%ActionTrip Review || Nov.2004 79/100 - "For that reason, we recommend all gamers to give it a try, especially those of you with beastly rigs and an aptitude for Elite-like space sims." 
100%GameSpy Review || 18.Dec.2003 4/5 Stars plus "Editor's Choice Award" - "This is what space games should be about: lush scenery, freedom, and room to roam. Elite is dead. Long live X2." 
Gamespot Review || 22.Dec.2004 7.4/10 pros: grafic, good and rare Space Sim; cons: sounds, complexity, combat 
100%Review at PCZone UK || 24.Jan.2004 "The best space game ever" 92% Classic Games Award 

Press X

GameSpy - XBTF Review || 17.Mar.2000 Rating: 68% 
PC Zone Review of X-Tension || 13.Aug.2001 Rating 8/10 
Gamespot review of X-BtF || 02.Aug.2000 Rating: 8.1 - great 
PC Zone UK Review of X-BTF || 13.Aug.2001 Rating 9/10 
Another review of X-BtF - Rating 7.7 out of 10 || 06.Mar.2000  


75%Master Incorporated International The international page for Master Incorporated. M_Inc has more than 45 Members! 
67%BNJ - Heavy Spacework Industries  
75%[SEG] Space Engineering Guild Space Engineering Guild. We like building stuff =) (Currently under construction) 


88%klarix' X Page (Trading Table) Informations for the X trader (X-BtF & X-Tension). All about sectors, stations, products and ships. 
100%BTB's X-BTF page includes Map of the X universe in Adobe Acrobat format and a walkthrough for X starters. 
92%X-BTF Strategic Resources Comprehensive resources for X-Beyond the Frontier. A complete, cross-referenced database containing maps, system notes and factory / goods database. Online and offline versions. 
Mogsy's X-Universe Support Base This site has pages with maps, tips, save games and walkthroughs to cover X Beyond the Frontier, X - Tension and X2 : The Threat. 
75%X2 Interactive Map A Macromedia Flash based interactive map for X2. Looks like the in-game map. 
Rogueys Site X3 Fansite with a forum, help, tips, stats ,reference guides, mods & downloads.  
The X Universe Nice Forum....home of the Xtended Mod. 
2X-pensive German Fansite with a X3 FAQ, a Gallery and Downloads.. 
Xai Corporation Located in Cloudbase South West, near the Goner Temple, Research Station Alpha is the place to get Xai Corporations state of the art software upgrades for the MSCI, as well as providing an environment to encourage collaboration in projects. 
Matthew Farmerys X2 download section Welocme to the X2 downloads section, here you will find scripts, pictures and other stuff for X2 
X-Wiki X-Wiki is a wiki based site about all aspects of modding X2 - The Threat and X3 Reunion. 
X3-Universe Active Map This website helps X3 players to find weaponry and important resources in the universe.  
X-Database extensive Database for X3 
X3 Wiki X3 Wiki provides you with the information about X3 that you need. All the information is written and shared by the community. 
100%Argonopedia The X-Universe encyclopaedia that anyone can edit. 
X Story Archive An archive of stories set in the X Universe. 
X Rebirth Nexus A repository of mods for X Rebirth. 
Alpha Orbital News and information on X Rebirth with detailed ship information. 


100%X Forum album Pictures of many members of the X Forum 

Off topic

100%HTML Help In my opinion, this is a very helpful site if you are learning HTML. 

X - External Resources

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X - External Resources

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