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The Human Race had advanced to the point where we could travel among the stars, we developed giant automated machines to help us colonise other worlds, but there was a fault in their programming and they turned and attacked. Forcing us to lay a trap to protect Earth and exiling the Human race to stay on Earth once again.
500 Years later Kyle Brennan starts his journey by piloting an experimental ship equipped with a new piece of technology allowing it to cross vast distances on its own. However it malfunctions and traps him in a group of sectors inhabited by Aliens, hunted and with no way home, this is his story of survival... Beyond the Frontier...


X: Beyond The Frontier is the first part in the X-Universe series of games developed by Egosoft.
It tells the story of mankind's rise and fall in the universe, and the attempt by Kyle Brennan to help repopulate the stars using a new ship called the Experimental Shuttle, and how he became trapped in a closed group of sectors linked by a series of jumpgates, owing credits to an alien for helping to save him, and hunted by several people. Unknowingly, a group of secret service people are after him, a group who have tried to hide their races secret, that they are the descendants of a group of Humans who saved earth from the Terraformer fleet they created to help colonise the universe.

Now with the Truth coming out, X: Beyond the Frontier allows the player to play as Kyle Brennan on his hunt to find a way home, whilst helping a group of people find the truth about their ancestry, and continue to help save earth from the Terraformers who are now known as the Xenon.

Trade in over 50 sectors, with over 50 different goods, upgrade you ships with dozens of upgrades available to you by 5 different races.

Find the location of the hostile pirates and survive against attacks by the Xenon.

Construct stations to build your own production empire.

Adapt your trading empire to suit the needs of each sectors local economy.

"The game has an almost hypnotic effect at times, perfectly in tune with the pace of the game."

"...an interesting non-linear storyline, lots of great visuals, and interesting gizmos to upgrade your ship ...."
Adrenaline Vault

"...If you miss the days of Elite and Privateer, then chances are you'll love X - Beyond the Frontier..."


29.Mar.23 X4: Kingdom End e Atualização 6.00 for X4 serão lançados dia 12 abril
Temos o prazer de anunciar que nossa nova expansão X4: Kingdom End, e uma grande atualização grátis 6.00 para X4: Foundations, serão lançadas dia 12 abril, 2023....

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21.Mar.23 X4 is Steam Deck verified
We've got some good news to coincide with the Steam Deck's one-year anniversary, which is being celebrated on Steam this week. Having made some changes for the upcoming major 6.00 update of X4: Foundations, the Steam Deck classification of X4 has been upgraded from "playable" to "verified" status. This means that from version 6.00 onwards, X4: Foundations will be fully Steam Deck verified! Yay, X4 on the go!...

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08.Mar.23 Os novos construtores de naves estão aqui - versão 6.0 Public Beta está disponível agora!
Temos uma grande surpresa para você em nossa próxima atualização beta. Até agora no X4, todas as facções usaram o mesmo modelo de nave construtora, mas tudo isso muda hoje no nova versão public beta. Claro que isso significa que as novas naves também estarão na versão de lançamento, assim que o processo 6.00 public beta terminar....

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07.Feb.23 Mark your calendars: two upcoming live shows with Bernd
Attention, pilots! Get ready for more insight into our upcoming expansion X4: Kingdom End and the massive free 6.00 update. Our Managing Director, Bernd Lehahn, will be appearing as a guest on two live streams this month to give you all the details....

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19.Jan.23 Apresentamos o X TECH 5 e lançamos a versão 6.00 Public Beta
Assim que nossa nova expansão para X4 anunciada recentemente, X4: Kingdom End, estiver pronta para ser lançada ainda este ano, ela será acompanhada pelo mais extenso conjunto de melhorias para X4: Foundations desde o lançamento do jogo original em 2018. Essas grandes mudanças técnicas no jogo exigem muitos testes - então, por favor, participe do nosso 6.00 Public Beta!...

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