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X³: Farnham's Legacy is a new game in the X3 space game series. TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD, THINK in a living and breathing universe. It incorporates a new storyline and yet more additions to the open, free-form gameplay that forms the core of all X series games.

X³: Farnham's Legacy is free to all owners of X³: Albion Prelude on Steam.

Explore a Changing Universe: X³: Farnham's Legacy

Set in the years after X³: Albion Prelude, as the chaos caused by the gate shutdown really takes hold, X³: Farnham's Legacy starts very differently to previous games in the X3 series. Trapped in an isolated area of space, you'll first need to make use of the new exploration features to find your way back to civilisation. Then, once you're there, you'll be able to use the new diplomacy options to help shape your relationships with the factions you find.

Key features:

  • (Almost) Everything from X³: Terran Conflict and X³: Albion Prelude
  • Exploration tools and explorers guild
  • Diplomacy and dynamic relations
  • New drone carrier and armoured transport ships
  • Player headquarters with new advanced facilities
  • A unique and very special new ship
  • Station-building and complex planning services
  • Ship browser and hyperlinked encyclopedia
  • New piracy options and gameplay
  • Real sector ownership
  • Improved logs and graphs
  • Enhanced modding support
  • Lots and lots of smaller improvements!
Note: X³: Farnham's Legacy is not compatible with savegames from X³: Terran Conflict or X³: Albion Prelude.


21.Mar.23 X4 is Steam Deck verified
We've got some good news to coincide with the Steam Deck's one-year anniversary, which is being celebrated on Steam this week. Having made some changes for the upcoming major 6.00 update of X4: Foundations, the Steam Deck classification of X4 has been upgraded from "playable" to "verified" status. This means that from version 6.00 onwards, X4: Foundations will be fully Steam Deck verified! Yay, X4 on the go!...

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08.Mar.23 Ya están aquí las nuevas naves constructoras: ¡ya está disponible la beta pública 5 de 6.00!
Tenemos una gran sorpresa para ustedes en nuestra próxima actualización beta. Hasta ahora en X4, todas las facciones han usado el mismo modelo de nave constructora, pero todo esto cambia hoy en la nueva beta pública. Por supuesto esto significa que las nuevas naves también estarán en la versión de lanzamiento, tan pronto como el proceso de la beta pública 6.00 haya terminado....

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07.Feb.23 Mark your calendars: two upcoming live shows with Bernd
Attention, pilots! Get ready for more insight into our upcoming expansion X4: Kingdom End and the massive free 6.00 update. Our Managing Director, Bernd Lehahn, will be appearing as a guest on two live streams this month to give you all the details....

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19.Jan.23 Presentando X TECH 5 y empezando la Beta Pública de 6.00
En cuanto nuestra recientemente anunciada expansión de X4, X4: Kingdom End, esté lista para su lanzamiento este año, esta se verá acompañada por la cantidad más grande de cambios a X4: Foundations desde que el juego fue lanzado en 2018. Estos cambios técnicos del juego requieren bastantes pruebas - ¡sean parte de nuestra Beta Pública de la versión 6.00!...

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16.Jan.23 Convirtiendo una deseada idea a la realidad: ¡aseguren su peluche de bebé Boron!
Les tenemos una promoción poco usual este año, la cual esperamos que sea de su agrado. Tras varios meses colaborando con los profesionales de animales de peluche en Makeship, hemos convertido una muy querida idea en realidad....

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