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30.Jul.20 Update 3.30 now available  (18 댓글)
Less than two months after releasing the 3.20 update and introducing the new Trade Rules feature, we're ready to let everyone experience the next big batch of improvements and changes to X4: Foundations. The 3.30 update is now available for you to download!

As well as plenty of gameplay improvements, we're especially excited to tell you about the new crew transfer system, which has been completely overhauled to give players an easier way to transfer crew between ships.

While X4: Foundations previously required this to be done as an order, with the two ships having to meet first, there are now far fewer restrictions. Crew members can be transferred between ships regardless of their location, with the crew using transport capsules to move to their new assignment. Crew transfers can now be used to move any number of people, from a single crew member to an entire ship‘s crew. You‘ll also find it a lot easier to assign a captain to an unmanned ship!

The user interface for the new crew transfer system can be found under the Empire Overview in X4: Foundations.

If you'd like to see and hear more about this new feature before experiencing it for yourself in the game, here are some suggested videos from Werit and Captain Collins, who are consistently creating great X4: Foundations content on their YouTube channels - thanks guys!

Update 3.30 also includes the following changes, among many others:
  • Improvements to alerts and notifications
  • More information on the Logical Station Overview
  • New map filters and key bindings
  • Enhancements and fixes to trade behaviour
  • Lots of smaller fixes and quality of life improvements
For the full change log to update 3.30, please visit our forum.

Enjoy our newest update to X4: Foundations, tell your friends about it and stay safe! Thank you for your continued support.
posted by Gregory
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